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  1. Linny

    Will Scotland get the result they need tonight?

    He’s getting himself between the player and the ball to protect it and take it on. The defender clearly fouls him. Knee to the back of the calf which collapses the Scottish lads knee. Someone mentions above that he may have been offside. That could be the only thing stopping VAR overturning...
  2. Linny

    Will Scotland get the result they need tonight?

    Knee to back of calf. Clear pen.
  3. Linny

    Jail for Britain's richest family

    Absolutely disgusting. Nasty people.
  4. Linny

    So much for not having a gambling sponsor

  5. Linny

    Ticket Prices

    Not when other people are paying the same price without the drink. If you took the drink away you would be paying the same price. It’s an extra, awarded to fans who stuck it out during the years when attendances dropped to 13k or so.
  6. Linny

    Songs for my 15 year old daughter

    Try a bit of Northern Soul 👍🏼
  7. Linny

    BBC in North Ormesby - not a pretty picture

    Frightening for the people living there. Can’t imagine that constantly on your mind. Scared to go out, scared to stay in. A hopeless situation for many.
  8. Linny

    Ten Hag getting sacked after fa cup final

    Thought it would have been odd if they won the Cup. They were excellent on the day. They should back him and get rid of the dressing room trouble makers. Give him a chance.
  9. Linny

    Driver taking selfies before killing cyclist

    There definitely needs to be stronger punishments. The punishments Vs the consequences in these stories don’t add up. But what I don’t understand is why it’s not more self policed. You are endangering your own life by taking risks never mind the lives of others. How do you live with killing...
  10. Linny

    Last Night's Pub Quiz

    Think the close up is Oprah Winfrey.
  11. Linny

    Glastonbury 2024

    I actually think it’s one of the best line ups for a while. No accounting for taste I guess. PJ Heaton Squeeze Kiwanuka Lauper Seasick Steve Idles The National James Zutons Squid Brittany Howard Sleaford Mods Yard Act Fontains Stornaway Ocean Colour Scene Bernard Buttler BC Camplight The...
  12. Linny

    Rob Burrow

    What a horrendous disease 😔 RIP.
  13. Linny

    Jacob Rees Mogg

    Of course not. Although I’m sure they’d have jumped at the chance if it had been proposed whilst they were in their mid teens. One of them has young kids too, so seemed happy to have them potentially doing something they didn’t want to do, with little to no benefit to them. It was also...
  14. Linny

    Jacob Rees Mogg

    There will be plenty on Teesside that will agree with a lot of the deplorable comments made by Mogg on there. I work with an office full of them, they lap up the media output. They loved the potential National service policy recently announced stating it “would do them good” and “teach them...
  15. Linny

    Select Carabao Cup and EFL matches to be shown on ITV from January onwards.

    I wonder if this is why the cup will be seeded, to guarantee (if one were needed) to have the bigger clubs in the latter stages to help ad revenue with larger viewing figures.
  16. Linny

    Carabao Cup Next Season

    The sooner they go and set up their own little fantasy league in Saudi or wherever, the better. Completely uncompetitive system.
  17. Linny

    Sunak wants to bring back National Service

    It’s mandatory. That’s why people say forced.
  18. Linny

    Sunak wants to bring back National Service

    This is exactly what I thought. How is this gonna win them new votes. Parents and Grandparents aren’t gonna vote for this with absolutely no details around the practicalities or how it benefits the youngsters in their family…….are they? 🤔
  19. Linny

    Geordies miss out on Europe then

    There was a strong chance they would have won that competition so I’m glad they are out.
  20. Linny

    What has Middlesbrough given to the world music scene?

    The singer from Chumbawumba is from Billingham, I believe.