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    Child Passport Applications

    Did my daughters first passport recently it was submitted on 7th April and I received it on 17th April. We were shocked at the speed of the turnaround
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    Geordies miss out on Europe then

    Out in Newcastle tonight smiling like a Cheshire cat. Even better when Madness tribute played Pig Bag. #spotthesmoggie
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    Maybe a player we get the full add ons from. Scored v Chelsea
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    Kevin Phillips leaves Hartlepool

    I've said to the mackems at work Kevin Phillips and Kevin Ball nailed on managerial team for next season.
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    National League North

    Glad that Shields didn't get in. After living in the place all of a sudden all locals were die hard fans that loved the club
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    Haaland & KDB

    Amazed that Haaland and KDB asked Pep to be subbed in the game last night as they couldnt continue. OK Haaland has been out of form but shocked that they asked to come off. Massive game on top throughout and they want off the pitch.
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    The weekend beer and music thread!

    Gone for an eclectic mix of beers tonight from Tesco with some modern country with Chris Stapleton
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    Do you think we’ll beat Swansea ?

    Fans starting to believe that there is a chance of a positive end to the season. 2-0 Swansea. The usual Boro slap down
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    The weekend beer and music thread

    We built the world as I keep telling my Geordie wife
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    The weekend beer and music thread

    Went for a bottle of red and some Gaslight Anthem
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    Looks like Riley has suffered another injury according to Ry
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Birmingham City [03/24] Match-Day Thread *

    Rough game with very little cohesion but who cares. Have we learnt to win ugly? I have never seen Carrick's team try and turn a back line to have them playing towards their own goal before
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    We have a match on Tuesday and no one seems to be talking about it

    Used to love Subbuteo. Gutted my son isn't in to football as I don't have a excuse to by it. I blame YouTube and the fascination of all thinks American for his basketball interest.
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    He has been good since coming back in, but he always has a monumental fluff up in him especially when he let's the ball roll across him to his right foot.
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    Rav van den Berg

    Does Rav break our sales record and if so how much. That tackle was Van Dijk esque if not better
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    What a day.

    Would hope he never thinks that I'm 41 now and would love an away day like the old days with my 70 year old Da. Seeing him eat a foot long hot dog at Hillsborough in the most alarming manner or peeing on his feet while emptying his bladder in a gutter between the open front and back doors of...
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    M25 closed

    No no just putting it out there
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    M25 closed

    Just seen that the M25 in closed in the North part between 21 and 23 so chances are that the fans have a degree of disruption
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    How many of us NEVER saw a game at Ayresome Park?

    Loved the place. I was born in 82 started going in 88/89 ish on and off full time for 90/91. The memories of sat on a bar leaning into my old man and living life of the edge when we scored and he stepped back to celebrate. The good days
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    BBC Sounds documentary on 20 years since the League Cup win

    Just watched the trailer on X and the tears developed. Wow what a time that was. 20 years ago but some of those Schwarzer saves were like yesterday but what the club have been through since feels like a lifetime ago.