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  1. rob_fmttm

    The price of a first class stamp......

    1st class does usually arrive next day. If it didn't I couldn't continue with fanzine subscriptions. But this massive rise in price has come out of the blue, mid-season. I wonder what consequences it will have for so many traders that have already set their prices. It could easily be the last...
  2. rob_fmttm

    Neil Warnock - Mentioning Fmttm ?

    By the way, I haven't heard the interview - I believe it is really good. I will be listening in tonight. It should be good.
  3. rob_fmttm

    Clive Tyldesley Commentator Chart

    Clive Tyldesley was the voice of ITV football for a whole generation. The successor to the great Brian Moore, has opened up his matchday notes to provide a unique memento of Boro's greatest day, the winning of the Carling Cup in 2004. Read his pen pics of both Boro and Bolton squads and you are...
  4. rob_fmttm

    Neil Warnock - Mentioning Fmttm ?

    Tomorrow night going out on Red Army TV platform 8pm - 12th man show - Neil Warnock asked about whether he reads any Boro fans posts. You might be interested in his answer. This was a special Zoomed podcast with Neil Warnock invited as special guest. I have just heard about it now and had a...
  5. rob_fmttm

    New Book of Unseen Photos and Memories of ‘70s and ‘80s Middlesbrough

    It isn't printed yet. I believe they hope to have it on sale in shops.
  6. rob_fmttm

    MFC Foundation

    Yes, me too this week. Phenomenal what they do for the Boro community.
  7. rob_fmttm

    Sunderland sack Phil Parkinson.

    Just shows how important it was that we were saved from the drop. That league gets harder and harder to escape, especially with a wage cap.
  8. rob_fmttm

    My Boro Debut

    I have just signed copies of My Boro Debut in Drakes Bookshop in Stockton - you can go online place an order and then collect at the shop in Silver Street, Stockton.
  9. rob_fmttm

    Bettinelli interest

    Much of the newspaper interest for players is generated by players own agents - to keep them in the news. Something that Neil Warnock mentions through the media.
  10. rob_fmttm


    If you drive along Cargo Fleet Lane you will see that small housing estates have been springing up over every pocket of previously undeveloped land through east Middlesbrough.
  11. rob_fmttm

    No cuddling, no board games, no sitting opposite each other for dinner...

    Chris - I think you should think about what you just said there, please. You have come across as very callous. That may not be your intention.
  12. rob_fmttm

    Free Harry Pearson Farther Corner with WSC Subscription

    I have just finished Extra Time this morning. Wonderful little book of 50 delights around going to a game of football ranging from Local radio commentators (controversial on here) to the mystery of Late Fitness Tests, the joy or despair of Late Goals and the hilarity of referees falling over etc...
  13. rob_fmttm

    New Music

    I absolutely loved it. Looking forward to the proper album - I have a soundcloud link. Not the same is it?
  14. rob_fmttm

    Free Harry Pearson Farther Corner with WSC Subscription

    Great book this and a superb magazine - really terrific Christmas offer this. You can read Harry every month in the magazine. I really admire the way Andy Lyons and the team have continued this quality magazine through over 400 issues. It remains current, challenging, informative and very much a...
  15. rob_fmttm


    Of course they would argue that they are not the same council - different mayor, different party in power. And yes I know about that Marton woodland as I was there when they made the film demonstrating to keep it and I also provided testimony that it had been a council nursery when planted in...
  16. rob_fmttm

    Deer Shed - Give Back Friday

    To kick off our fundraising efforts, from today until Sunday (27th – 29th November), we’re pledging to donate £10 per adult ticket and £5 per child ticket sold for Deer Shed Festival 11. We’re calling it #GiveBackFriday! Candlelighters are a charity based in Leeds who bring light and hope to...
  17. rob_fmttm

    New Music

    I have just this week reviewed the new album from Daniel Knox - Won’t You Take Me With You stunning once again from the man that works in a Chicago cinema and taught himself piano by wandering into hotel bars and plonking away on his night rounds. Always so atmospheric and all too...
  18. rob_fmttm


    Please do spread the word about this if you know anyone, especially over 50s that might not be online and/or watching exercises on tv could be very helpful.
  19. rob_fmttm

    We think we have it bad

    Yes, they wear a wrist band there. It is a real ordeal. My brother is doing it tomorrow to get back home. It is house arrest really in a small hotel room. But they would say the price is acceptable to travel back into a city state experiencing a 4th wave - but still with less cases in total than...
  20. rob_fmttm

    We think we have it bad

    If you are travelling to Hong Kong now, you face 14 days quarantine in your hotel room after exiting the flight. You will have had a COVID test before and after the flight also.