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  1. wilkos_perm

    Good Article on USA '94 Qualification

    Dramatic last round of qualifying games
  2. wilkos_perm

    David Karanka

    Didn't realise Aitor's younger brother is his assistant at Birmingham. Looks like he's been involved as it all kicked off on the touchline today at Swansea Vs Brum
  3. wilkos_perm

    One Upon a Time in Iraq

    This has probably already been discussed on here but i've just finished watching this documentary series and would highly recommend. An insight into the sheer carnage of war and the effect on people's lives
  4. wilkos_perm

    Wigan relegation link to Phillipines bet

    Rick Parry filmed speaking to Wigan fan regarding their administration. Apologies if already posted
  5. wilkos_perm


    Has anyone else observed that they've disappeared around where you live? We had loads early in the spring, coming in the house all the time, but I don't think i've seen more than the odd one for a number of weeks now. Perhaps they're all busy and will start being a pain around september time as...
  6. wilkos_perm

    None key workers with kids

    People who are now expected to return to work but aren't key workers who can send their kids to school, what are they now supposed to do about childcare?
  7. wilkos_perm

    A Persitstent Cough

    There seems to be a lot of debate around the definition of this. What are people presuming this means? Purely continuous coughing over a reasonable time period or Is an infrequent cough that lasts a long time considered persistent? Or is a period of frequent coughing over short period (say less...