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  1. wilkos_perm

    Five guys

    I'm not sure anybody does think Nando's is good do they? Apart from Teenagers?
  2. wilkos_perm

    Why are people so quick to take information from spurious non credible sources

    Totally agree except for Trump. I think he creates that mentality in his supporters, but I'm not sure he's adamant in his beliefs, he's just willing to say anything to suit the narrative he's created.
  3. wilkos_perm

    Norwich 2-0 up tonight - re a sign of how good our defence

    It's that balance really. Can he solve our scoring problems and keep our solidity? Probably not without signings in January I suspect
  4. wilkos_perm

    Why are people so quick to take information from spurious non credible sources

    People are happy to believe anything that fits their own world view, often manifesting in believing in non credible sources whilst applying excessive scrutiny to more trustworthy stories. Unfortunately many people's views are becoming more extreme as a result, giving this material further...
  5. wilkos_perm

    Ben Gibson

    He's not thick at all
  6. wilkos_perm

    For those who can’t see the double touch..

    I'd say Zenden's was very clear, for me the replays on Tav's are unclear, it needs a slow mo
  7. wilkos_perm

    The refs really don’t like us do they

    That's exactly the point though. The OP was suggesting the ref was against us, which wouldn't tie in with giving us a dodgy penalty
  8. wilkos_perm

    We didnt do it right when its handed to us on the spot.

    I would've expected McNair or Akpom to take it, but Tav is normally a decent finisher.
  9. wilkos_perm

    The refs really don’t like us do they

    Tav didn't appear to complain much
  10. wilkos_perm

    The refs really don’t like us do they

    Was it even a penalty though? I'd have to see it again
  11. wilkos_perm

    Joseph-Désiré Job

    My favourite Nemth goal was in this game, i always thought he was decent enough. Job also scoring here.
  12. wilkos_perm

    Joseph-Désiré Job

    I don't remember him getting stick really?
  13. wilkos_perm

    Joseph-Désiré Job

    He looked lightweight when he first joined but found himself a position under McClaren playing off Nemeth and Maccarone (a fairly adventurous lineup really with Geremi, Jonny Greening and Boateng playing behind them). The following season including the cup final he managed to do a decent enough...
  14. wilkos_perm

    Good Article on USA '94 Qualification

    And they combined to score the winner.... I thought Houllier's comments regarding Ginola were a bit extreme, even if he felt let down by him.
  15. wilkos_perm

    Good Article on USA '94 Qualification

    Yeah, his only England start perhaps?
  16. wilkos_perm

    Good Article on USA '94 Qualification

    Dramatic last round of qualifying games
  17. wilkos_perm

    New York Dec 2021 book with travel agent or on-line?

    I'm not that clued up on the level of protection from the various booking methods, however purely in terms of getting the place you want, in the area you want, at a good price, there's no advantage in booking with a travel agent. 30 minutes of research online will probably make you more...
  18. wilkos_perm

    Phone Contracts

    I'm only paying £6 a month also (sky SIM only). Obviously everyone has different requirements but the idea of paying £40 a month or something seems extortionate to me. But then I only use it to read the news and check football scores
  19. wilkos_perm

    Boro 4-1 Newcastle Utd

    We didn't go to this game - I was 10 year old at the time - my dad decided he couldn't handle the pressure, and I think he was expecting to see us relegated by Newcastle. He was gutted by his decision i think, i was too but tried not to show it.
  20. wilkos_perm

    Which famous duo would you like to invest in Boro?

    Donald Trump and Mike Pence anyone?