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  1. futureboy

    You know the old saying- a fool and his money etc......

    A dollar would've been too much.
  2. futureboy

    Any businesses you wouldn't mind see going under?

    It gives me great joy to belatedly realise that these scruffy scumbags must've had a pretty bad few months.
  3. futureboy

    Karanka Nil

    Is Clayton injured? He hasn't been in their matchday 20 (!) for a while.
  4. futureboy

    They are level due to Britt's misses

    Not anymore :poop::poop::poop:
  5. futureboy

    Britt Misses Empty Goal From 2 Yards

    I love Britt but he's either missed or ruined 4 promising attacks so far.
  6. futureboy

    I wonder how many fans pay

    As someone who lives too far away from the Riverside to attend home games, and only sporadically gets to away games (work is also a factor before anyone accuses me of not being a real fan), I've wished for years that I could have the ability to watch streams like this. I'm very happy to pay a...
  7. futureboy

    We didnt do it right when its handed to us on the spot.

    If I remember correctly, the League Cup final ref said he'd seen the double touch, but deemed it not to have affected the outcome of the penalty. I don't know if the rules have changed since then - so maybe the ref isn't allowed to use his own judgement anymore.
  8. futureboy


    Awful today. I want to like him and of course I'll always support him when he's on the pitch, as I would do with any Boro player, but I can't remember the last time he played well.
  9. futureboy

    Feel a bit weird after that

    Plenty of Boro fans on Twitter ecstatic with our two 0-0s this week. I'm currently getting pelters for daring to suggest that we try and score a goal every now and then.
  10. futureboy

    Any links for the match?

    Video or audio available on the official website, as (almost) always (y)
  11. futureboy

    Why are the officials so bad in this league

    Cardiff fans are going mad about him on Twitter. What did he do to annoy them?? I genuinely don't know!
  12. futureboy

    All or Nothing: Man City v Spurs

    Agreed. Thank goodness for the Netflix "skip intro" option.
  13. futureboy

    All or Nothing: Man City v Spurs

    Fair point - I realise it's not exactly grassroots football. But I find the EFL infinitely more interesting and entertaining than the PL, which holds almost no appeal for me these days. And the finances involved (transfer budget etc) are very different - you're not watching Man City or Spurs and...
  14. futureboy

    All or Nothing: Man City v Spurs

    I've nearly finished the Spurs series and I've enjoyed them both - not sure if I have a favourite. But neither of them is remotely as entertaining as STID. And honestly I don't even mean that in the way you think I do (ie because I want to laugh at Sunderland and their fans, etc). In fact I...
  15. futureboy


    Spence replaced by Tav now. I approve.
  16. futureboy


    Plenty of people jizzing over his performance on Twitter. Apparently running around a lot means you're having a good game. As usual, he's spending too long on the ball, dithering and then losing it before he can do anything useful with it. Incredibly frustrating.
  17. futureboy

    Working class Tories...

    And from the looks of things, many of them won't even realise then. I saw a tweet today from someone who regretted voting Tory, but was adamant that 100% of the fault lay with the Labour party's weak opposition which had "forced" him to do so, rather than himself.
  18. futureboy

    Working class Tories...

    Gosh, but there are a lot of these people about. I know a man in his 40s who still lives at home with his mother, in a very nice house. She's in her 70s and still goes to work. He has never had one single job in his entire life and lives off pocket money she gives him. He has absolutely no idea...
  19. futureboy

    What's your choice of sustenance at half time?

    They came in at #1 in the aforementioned book - so I guess the writer does know what he's talking about, after all! And Norwich, who I think someone else mentioned earlier, were at #3.
  20. futureboy

    What's your choice of sustenance at half time?

    All yours (2 pages) Incidentally, if anyone wants this book (after the superb write-up I've given it), it's yours for the price of postage...