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    Murdle A "Wordle-like" murder mystery game for those who like a puzzle
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    Bayer Leverkusen

    Lose the cup on penalties so I believe technically still an unbeaten season, but with a nice fairytale for Kaiserslautern too
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    Astra Zeneca vaccine withdrawn

    ok fair enough, I thought it was a shorter window It's weird how people think isn't it, because I think I would have been of the mindset "covid made me feel rotten, don't want to feel like that again so I'm definitely getting my other jab" whereas obviously you had the opposite thought that...
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    Astra Zeneca vaccine withdrawn

    The thing that stands out here for me, is that you didn't have the full course of the vaccine (2 jabs were required, with the 2nd maybe being a month later, I think?) and then said you got covid, were ill for 2 weeks and not back to full fitness for 6 months. I wonder what would have happened if...
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    A19/A1M overnight road closures

    Just been checking all of this, and I'm finding both the national highways and traffic england websites to be very hard to use! I just want to be able to put in my start/destination and when I'm going to find the best route, is it really that hard?! Is there anyone I can call and they can tell me?
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    Losing to the dross

    You can't really say that we would have done better if only we'd beaten those teams that are worse than us, but still claim the points we got from teams that are better than us :D
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    Initial Rogers fee higher than widely quoted

    He is playing well for a more fashionable and well performing club, but I get your point. I also imagine any fee would be based on him getting an England cap, which could be in a pre-tournament friendly
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    Ayling in talks

    ChatGPT says: For some time, I believed he moved as slowly as molasses, but he defied all expectations and became quite the skilled performer.
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    Initial Rogers fee higher than widely quoted

    This article also quotes the Peterborough chairman as saying "Sell-ons for large transfers are never that much to be fair," he is quoted by the Peterborough Telegraph as saying. "We would do ok from any deal, but also have to give Newcastle a percentage of it." So it does appear to hold some...
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    Dean Windass to sue football authorities

    What an absolutely ridiculous thing to say
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    Initial Rogers fee higher than widely quoted

    Those talking about how clubs would structure fees to be very heavily weighted in addons to avoid this... I don't think clubs would do that. Imagine selling your star player for £1m and £29m after 1 appearance, and then he gets a career ending injury in preseason. Unlikely I know, but would you...
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    Initial Rogers fee higher than widely quoted

    is that an add-on that has been triggered, or part of the normal payment terms?
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    Gary Neville was offered interview at Boro

    can't watch at the moment - can anyone summarise what he said about it?
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    Forget about Hackney, RVB, McGree

    I don't think we TRY to sell any of our good players, we just accept that good players will be sought after so we try to turn cheap players into good players so when they inevitably do leave then we are quids in. The idea being that the extra money allows us to buy a better quality of cheap...
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    I'm a big fan of Dijk - physically he's got it and had some great spells under Wilder and even Warnock. But he was terrible tonight. Heart says get him fit and give him a chance, but head says time to move on unfortunately.
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    Why do you do the job that you do?

    Always fascinated with computers and wanted to work with them. My dad was a hobbyist programmer but never took the leap into it professionally. My focus was more on the hardware side and I went straight into a MA from school doing just that. By chance, I got some exposure to programming in that...
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    A19/A1M overnight road closures

    Thanks everyone!
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    A19/A1M overnight road closures

    Flying from Newcastle early morning in May and was just planning on driving up there at 3am, but my father in law had some issues coming back from Newcastle overnight and I'm just wondering if anyone has any insight into what roads are closed and how best to get to Newcastle airport from...
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    Matt Le Tissier

    "bad ones use numbers, but what I've also learned is that good ones use numbers too" Impossible to argue with that
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    What does Middlesbrough need to do to become a city?

    Might be a daft question... but why bother? What difference does it make?