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  1. Jonny Ingbar

    Do you/would you use a physical travel agency?

    I use an independant travel agent; it's cheaper, takes a lot of the work out of my hands and has the benefit of the knowledge and experience. I have to say that I know a few people who arrange holidays the same way and none use a physical business premises. Social media and word of mouth I...
  2. Jonny Ingbar

    Düsseldorf England Fans - 10 German…

    On Dusseldorf too, singing about the British bombers, appalling. The bombing of that city was one of the most controversial acts by British forces in WWII, but the irony of these idiots singing about it will be lost on them I'm sure.
  3. Jonny Ingbar

    BBC in North Ormesby - not a pretty picture

    Agree with that at least
  4. Jonny Ingbar

    BBC in North Ormesby - not a pretty picture

    I think that's a very simplistic view. The police ultimately end up having to take to crime and ASB rates and it's their job to do so of course, but policing has suffered a decade a underfunding and that is going to make a big difference to the levels of service they can provide, more so in...
  5. Jonny Ingbar

    BBC in North Ormesby - not a pretty picture

    I think generally speaking Cleveland Police reacts to the media and is more interested in it's image than actually providing a good level of service. My mother in law was burgled recently and the level of service was laughably poor. I don't think that's uncommon
  6. Jonny Ingbar

    Battle of Orgreave

    I'd recommend this C4 documentary about the miners strike and Orgreave. It gives a very balanced commentary from all sides and captures how complex the issues were. Seen 'Miners' Strike 1984: The Battle for Britain'? Watch it here on Channel 4...
  7. Jonny Ingbar

    Cow run over by police, twice

    Its probably worth pointing out that the police will generally kill cattle that have escaped, in order to protect the public There's always context around that of course and a cow escaping from a field in the countryside wouldn't require that, fit example. I haven't watched the video, not do...
  8. Jonny Ingbar

    Didier Digard

    I'll give him 3 games max before he's injured.
  9. Jonny Ingbar

    RIP Kevin Campbell

    Ran out back four inside out that day, particularly Mogga, who couldn't get near him. Sad news
  10. Jonny Ingbar

    PSA test…

    Surely you only need one hand to operate your camera phone? 🤷
  11. Jonny Ingbar

    Just finished watching The Boys

    The spinoff - Gen V - is also great in its own right but not surprisingly along similar lines, which is a good thing of course.
  12. Jonny Ingbar

    Short term rental query - house/flat

    Short term rentals are possible, but much harder to find, for obvious reasons. Whether you pay council tax on a caravan, on your land or elsewhere, is at your LA's discretion. Stockton charge whether inhabited or not. Air BnB is probably your best option, best of luck.
  13. Jonny Ingbar

    Aiden Morris set to sign

    Precisely this. All transfers come with risk and opportunity, in variable measures, but on face value I think this one looks like the right player for the right reasons We all know we probably need a more combative midfielder, but one who can retain possession under pressure too. The fact...
  14. Jonny Ingbar

    People you can't believe how old they are

    Yh Dirty b****d did it in a police box too.
  15. Jonny Ingbar

    I love biscuits.

    Does anyone else make a cuppa purely as an excuse to have a biscuit with it?
  16. Jonny Ingbar

    I love biscuits.

    That's a twix disguised as a biscuit 🤷
  17. Jonny Ingbar

    New midfielder

    One is playing for Chelsea and the other just released by WBA. I think we can work out which one we may be interested in! 😂
  18. Jonny Ingbar

    Police and CPS had key DNA evidence 16 years before Andrew Malkinson cleared of rape

    Yes, it was @jetpropelledgiraffe, apologies
  19. Jonny Ingbar

    Police and CPS had key DNA evidence 16 years before Andrew Malkinson cleared of rape

    The point I was referring to was when you started "It proves straight away that it was someone else if the DNA doesn't match". That view is absolutely wrong. The presence of DNA alone is often not an indication of guilt in itself. Rather, the context needs to be understood; DNA can be...
  20. Jonny Ingbar

    Jonathan Pie - Immigration

    This guy is an island of truth amongst a sea of ever more brazen bull****.