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  1. Ingleby_Flash

    The size of Glastonbury

    Fair play to the Evis lot, some commitment.
  2. Ingleby_Flash

    Your long song...

    Shorter than i remember tbh. But anyway if you come to my funeral this will probably be playing as you walk out. And yes I know there’s a bit of irony in the lyrics of the first line.
  3. Ingleby_Flash

    The size of Glastonbury

    You can overlay this on any town or postcode, it’s frigg flipping huge!
  4. Ingleby_Flash


    Aren’t statistics great. England’s men’s team have never won a major tournament started when the Tories are in government. It might, or might not, be coming home.
  5. Ingleby_Flash

    A vote for the Tories….

    And according to Richie a vote for farage means ten years of labour so 🤷🏼
  6. Ingleby_Flash

    First Past The Post our saviour?

    A form of PR got us the wrong Miliband as labour leader, be careful what you wish for.
  7. Ingleby_Flash

    People I’ve barred

    I discovered about a year ago I’d ‘blocked’ a few people, never deliberately mind, not sure how that works. Don’t think I was masturbating at the time - well not anyone off fmttm 😂
  8. Ingleby_Flash

    Reintroduction of the 100-millilitre limit for liquids in carry-on luggage at all North East airports from June 9th

    Been through quite a few times since the new scanners came in, brilliant not having to unload all the crap from the bags as were usually hand luggage only, didn’t really exceed the 100ml anyway. Travelled through Manchester last weekend and is still the shytest airport in the uk, not sure fancy...
  9. Ingleby_Flash

    Sunak's deprived childhood

    Does Richie know how to NOT make a d*ck of himself every time he opens his gob?
  10. Ingleby_Flash

    Current weather

    38 and clammy here in Athens, sorry lads 🤷‍♂️ but also not too comfortable.
  11. Ingleby_Flash

    Monkey for an un chipped cat

    Leave the tories out of this.
  12. Ingleby_Flash

    Fake Ed Davey

    I like him and to be fair instead of wasting my vote by drawing a penis and balls on my ballot paper I could just put a cross next to the Lib Dem candidate’s name.
  13. Ingleby_Flash

    Plane nerds

    Im a plain nerd myself.
  14. Ingleby_Flash

    Do you reckon you could you win a fight against a chimp?

    A chimp! No way they’d tear you to shreds.
  15. Ingleby_Flash

    The campaign doesn't seem to be going very well for Rishi.

    Rishi said getting rid of the Tories would cost £2,000. Where do I send the cheque?
  16. Ingleby_Flash

    The end?

    You do have a tendency to fall off when you’ve just been perforated by a 25mm round or two.
  17. Ingleby_Flash

    never celebrate before crossing the finish line

    Hope Starmer takes note 😉
  18. Ingleby_Flash

    The campaign doesn't seem to be going very well for Rishi.

    The OP is completely wrong, the campaign is going exactly the way Sunak wants and if it doesn’t get any worse he’ll probably announce a poll tax. He’s fckd the economy, he’s fcked the country, he’s even fcked his own party, the only place he intends to be on the 5th July is on a plane to...
  19. Ingleby_Flash

    Farage absolutely walked that

    Of course you can say what you want if you’re never going to have to deliver.
  20. Ingleby_Flash

    Favouite foreign language song