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  1. Grrreds

    Former Premier League players who wouldn't get a look in today

    He didn't do much for us, but Charlton fans loved him.
  2. Grrreds

    Sunak wants to bring back National Service

    They will see this as a surefire vote winner to attract the 'they should bring back national service' brigade. They need to replace them 'get Brexit done' votes from somewhere.
  3. Grrreds

    Memorable Footie Quotes and Moments

    Franz Carr .... runs like a greyhound, crosses like one - another from Cloughie
  4. Grrreds

    What has Middlesbrough given to the world music scene?

    So he did, I checked twice that no-one mentioned them before I posted and still never spotted it.
  5. Grrreds

    What has Middlesbrough given to the world music scene?

    If we're saying Amelia Lily then we can say Journey South
  6. Grrreds

    Best free kick scored by a boro player

    I think as the commentator said they were expecting a cross, but youre point is very valid.:)
  7. Grrreds

    Best free kick scored by a boro player

    This one from Spike v. Newcastle.
  8. Grrreds

    Who is 100% English?

    My Dads paternal grandparents were Welsh (hence my surname) and my mothers grandparents (both maternal and paternal) were Irish, so probably not me.
  9. Grrreds

    “Why have Sunderland often struggled when facing Middlesbrough away?” [Roker Report] 31/01/24.

    The answer to why they say this lies in the first line of the article....... "And most of those who think it’s a derby are from Teesside, who don’t like being seen as insignificant......" They like to try and make us feel insignificant, does it work, no. Do we buy it, no. But let them crack...
  10. Grrreds

    Carrick = Fabulous Job

    Agree. 100 percent. He's got what it takes to be one of the best.
  11. Grrreds

    Darlo escape

    Is it not the case that a lot of Darlo people adopted Newcastle as their team due to their hatred of Hartlepool whose fans all had a soft spot for the Mackems?
  12. Grrreds

    Male Commentators - plural

    I actually think I'm one of the few that thinks JP is alright at football commentary - certainly not terrible. (I've never watched the Robot show). I know he gets a bit enthusiastic at times but thats fair enough. I just think it is the done thing to not like him.
  13. Grrreds

    Carrick coached that today

    I agree and it helped that Barlaser was outstanding, easily his best game for us.
  14. Grrreds

    Favourite stuff to watch at Christmas?

    Jason and the Argonauts and The Great Escape for me.
  15. Grrreds

    Schwarzer - Christmas Cards at Boro

    who could he mean?
  16. Grrreds

    Goal or Foul?

    The Ref was right to award the goal, particularly in light of some apparently outrages time wasting by the keeper prior to this. (I know that doesn't mean he can't be fouled). What surprises me is that the ref was brave enough to give a goal.
  17. Grrreds

    Questions for Bolo

    He hated that song apparently (and unsurprisingly).
  18. Grrreds

    Tommy Smith injury, not good news.

    Could you walk off the pitch and all round the cinder track to the dressing rooms with a ruptured achilles. he's a tough lad is Tommy, but that would be some effort.
  19. Grrreds

    Our record of buying strikers

    Don't forget - no other player has scored more goals for us in the Prem than Ricard.
  20. Grrreds

    The Hundred

    I know what you mean, but you do get used to it.