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  1. Derby_Red

    Boro fans out of the area. Just out of interest

    Clue's in the name :)
  2. Derby_Red

    Poignant ‘Tommy’ display to mark 80th anniversary of D-Day

    "Stan Hollis Halt" I think it is on the maps, Ant - also a memorial to him there and a little museum. It was a shorefront miniature railway/tramway halt originally I think.
  3. Derby_Red

    A memory test for us oldies

    Black and red vertical stripes, black shorts (honestly can't remember the socks colour!) - Richard Hind, Stockton.
  4. Derby_Red

    Poignant ‘Tommy’ display to mark 80th anniversary of D-Day

    <- me dad was in the Green Howards (6th Battalion from the timings he told me) on D-Day. Not keen on discussing it, didn't even find out what Company he was in. He did mention Hollis but, again, not sure if he was in his Company or not. Bless em all.
  5. Derby_Red

    ITV Debate

    He's done that a few times in PMQs - leaves the trap, sometimes for weeks, springs it later when the lie can't be maintained or even remembered. Much more effective to have the evidence in full view the day after rather than lost in the maelstrom of the live debate.
  6. Derby_Red

    Football grounds you can see from a train.

    Birmingham City Aston Villa The Hawthorns Hearts
  7. Derby_Red

    Snap General Election To Be Called Today?

    That's her, Lefty. Rarely leaves Repton, voting record in Westminster always with the whip and/or the nastiest policy. Typical ghost politician as you say, and incredibly she's still outdone by the incompetence and uselessness of so many.
  8. Derby_Red

    Your Favourite Instrumental Music?

    "Theme For Great Cities" - Simple Minds
  9. Derby_Red

    Snap General Election To Be Called Today?

    Really can't see us ousting the Tory in South Derbyshire, 61% of the vote last time. Here's hoping, she's a terrible MP irrespective of her political colours.
  10. Derby_Red

    If you could talk to your teenage self

    Noting the complete lack, or much reduced, levels of anxiety compared to now.
  11. Derby_Red

    Things you did as a kid and shouldn't have?

    I did some things on my bike (a Chopper, in itself a mobile accident) that I can't recognise as me nowadays. I daren't even ride no-handed now, but my list of ridiculous tricks and escapades seem unbelievable today. I was quite happy at riding that no-handed, or steering it with my feet, or...
  12. Derby_Red

    If you could talk to your teenage self

    Just because you like driving your dad's car and fastidiously looking after it (given there's not a lot else to do and you've got no money anyway), that doesn't mean you have to keep it for the e rest of your life - same goes for that football team of yours.........
  13. Derby_Red

    Labour promises rail nationalisation within five years of coming into power

    Not picking up on this reply in isolation (a few have said the same) but in its latter years with decent management and organisation BR was an extremely efficient railway (most efficient in Europe) and light years away from the 'disaster' period in the 70s and early 80s. Can't disagree with...
  14. Derby_Red

    Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

    Go on the MiGs! ;)
  15. Derby_Red

    Very memorable bass lines

    Ooh Beggs yeah
  16. Derby_Red

    Very memorable bass lines

    Forgot him off my list, which is unforgiveable. A lot of his stuff you think is guitar. Also in that vein Stuart Morrow of New Model Army. Outstanding.
  17. Derby_Red

    The English Teacher Album

    "Nearly............presque - wait no - ......................daffohhhdilllls"
  18. Derby_Red

    Very memorable bass lines

    The Magnificent Seven - The Clash (Norman Watt-Roy, really) Rhythm Stick - Blockheads (him again) Superstition - Stevie Wonder Most things by Bernard Edwards (Chic) Most things by Horace Panter (Specials) Most things by Mick Karn (Japan) Rio/New Religion - John Taylor (Duran Duran)
  19. Derby_Red

    What has Middlesbrough given to the world music scene?

    The two Paul Smiths - he of Maximo Park (already noted) but also he of The Toy Dolls (drummer).