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  1. Luca Brazi


    When REM were on the Old Grey Whistle Test many moons ago, David Hepworth turned to Mark Ellen and said ‘you know what REM’s secret is, don’t you?’ To which Mark Ellen said ‘No, what is it?’. Theatrical pause, and then David Hepworth said that ‘they’re just really, REALLY good’. Spot on - they...
  2. Luca Brazi

    Boro fans out of the area. Just out of interest

    PE8 Miles from F***ing anywhere.
  3. Luca Brazi

    Your Childhood deprivation

    We had very little money, but we ate well - Dad had an allotment and one of my parent's friends was a butcher, who always made sure our shopping bag was filled up, regardless of what or how much we bought. Really nice of him. Virtually all our clothes were hand-me-downs, and my Mum used to...
  4. Luca Brazi

    Everyone knows the BBC has a Right wing bias.....

    Well-reasoned, logical and perceptive. I have no idea what you're doing posting on here.
  5. Luca Brazi

    Sunak wants to bring back National Service

    I always get worried when things like ‘the youth of today’ are cited, along with a load of other generalised and negative statements about the problems they represent, together with concomitant ‘solutions’ to those problems. If it’s possible to generalise at all (always fraught with danger)...
  6. Luca Brazi

    The one song that to you is just perfect

    From a perfect album too.
  7. Luca Brazi

    Growing Vegetables

    Well done on breaking that stuff up - must have been hard work! From here, that doesn’t look like the best soil, but the fact that it’s walled-in is great - you can easily add layers of topsoil/compost on top, and breaking up the compacted mud will really ease with draining. As previous have...
  8. Luca Brazi

    Sketchers Slip-Ins ??

    I tired about 15 different pairs on when I was in the US last summer and found them all to be pretty lousy, to be honest. Nice looking, but either too loose, or too tight, sometimes both at the same time (in different places). I ended up buying some Reeboks at I/3 of the price that are really...
  9. Luca Brazi

    PSG v Dortmund

    “Napoleon, Marcel Proust, Emmanuel Macron ….. your boys took a hell of a beating tonight” 🤓👍
  10. Luca Brazi

    Come on you Blades you can still do it !

    A penny for Chris ('Former Premier League Manager') Wilder's thoughts this evening?
  11. Luca Brazi

    Happy Steau Bucharest day all

    What a night. WHAT a night!! I’m reduced to wreckage every time I watch this. Just like Cardiff, this was catharsis on a mass-scale. The very opposite of a trauma, the unbridled ecstasy is embedded in my bones and DNA and I relive it in its entirety every time I watch the footage. Live, it was...
  12. Luca Brazi

    Oldest album(s) that you still listen to regularly?

    George Harrison - All Things Must Pass 1970 (not the jam tracks though!) Joni Mitchell - Blue 1971 (constantly) Alan Stivell - A 'L'Olympia 1972 Doors - LA Woman 1971 Fleetwood Mac - Pious Bird Of Good Omen 1969 Free - Tons Of Sobs 1969 The Incredible String Band - Wee Tam & The Big Huge 1968...
  13. Luca Brazi

    Very memorable bass lines

    The live version especially - unbelievable playing.
  14. Luca Brazi

    First, Current, All Time

    Derek Downing Johnny Howson TLF
  15. Luca Brazi

    You know you're old when...

    When, if you’re lucky enough to have a massage, and they ask ‘where do want me to concentrate on?’ it takes nearly 10 minutes to go through all of the areas where it hurts. This happened only yesterday (present from wife).
  16. Luca Brazi

    OJ Simpson - Dead

    Absolutely scintillating! I wasn't even aware of him before this - thanks for posting. I love this kind of edgy risk-taking - you can hear the gasps and even boos in the audience; and it all needed saying. Also, and importantly, SERIOUSLY funny. Complacency being rocked like this on a weekly...
  17. Luca Brazi

    Angel's Landing

    I’m there again next week! As someone who suffers from vertigo and who loves mountains, I have a long-standing love-hate relationship with anything like this. I find Angel’s Landing more scary than Striding Edge or even Sharp Edge on Blencathra - the drop off is so total and extreme. But it’s...
  18. Luca Brazi

    Most Attractive Female Vocalists

    This objectification of women is all a bit degrading and cringey, of course. But here is Alejandra Deheza.
  19. Luca Brazi

    Were you there when this happened

    Perfectly put.
  20. Luca Brazi

    Were you there when this happened

    West stand upper, directly above where the the move starts. This is my all-time favourite Boro goal, mainly because it’s clearly wonderful and Juninho, of course, but also because there was so much at stake in that game and there was such an explosion of joy and relief when he scored. It’s...