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  1. Craggyjohn

    Alison Moyet - Tour Announced

    Join the Globe mailing list. You can get tickets a day early and they email you just before they go in sale
  2. Craggyjohn

    Just back from the pub and.....

    Green dragon in Stockton had a sign over the bar saying bitter was 50p a pint. This would be 1982 ish
  3. Craggyjohn

    Any train spotters on here today?

    That's it. Must've been empty as no tours till Wednesday
  4. Craggyjohn

    Any train spotters on here today?

    Saw a special train today going through Norton. Light blue locomotive, looked like a 125 & had Pullman on it i think. Carriages were old British Rail 1970s type in immaculate condition. Any idea what it is?
  5. Craggyjohn

    Favouite foreign language song

    One of the 1st records I bought. Great tune
  6. Craggyjohn

    Football grounds you can see from a train.

    My 1st trip to South London in the 80s went past Dulwich Hamlet. Impressive looking ground at the time
  7. Craggyjohn

    Bill Povey RIP

    Ex Boro player Bill Povey has passed away. Met him at work years ago at Cleveland Offshore. Lovely bloke.
  8. Craggyjohn

    Cold frames

    I got the greenhouse for £20 to put my Begonias in. Comes apart for winter. Last one lasted years. Cold frame looked decent as well. Hard to walk past bakery section without getting something 😗
  9. Craggyjohn

    Cold frames

    Cold frames on sale in Lidl along with little plastic greenhouses
  10. Craggyjohn

    Unusual or Different Pub Names......

    **** and Bottle in York. Also the Whippet Inn....
  11. Craggyjohn

    Unusual or Different Pub Names......

    Near Shinfield. Think it was named after a race horse
  12. Craggyjohn

    Unusual or Different Pub Names......

    I drank in a pub near Reading called The Black Boy. Think it's changed its name now.
  13. Craggyjohn


    We played them in the league cup early in that season. I remember thing what a dump it was. The fire was no surprise unfortunately. Listened to the news on way home from Shrewsbury. The video is often shown in health and safety videos at work. Horrific
  14. Craggyjohn

    RIP Yosser Hughes (Bernard Hill)

    On Albert Road in The Blackstuff
  15. Craggyjohn

    Garden shed recommendations

    Got mine from Dodds in Stockton. Well made and fitting included
  16. Craggyjohn

    Where would you live around Darlington?

    Depends where you are working in Darlington. The A1 A68 and A66 get very busy. Northern bypass is planned but is years away
  17. Craggyjohn

    What book are you currently reading?

    Lennie Lawrence autobiography. Interesting read
  18. Craggyjohn

    The Weller fella @ The Globe

    Get on the mailing list for the Globe. Get pre sale for events
  19. Craggyjohn

    The Weller fella @ The Globe

    Couldn't belive the chatting when a quieter less well known song was on