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  1. Way_Out_West

    England Team

    Absolutely mad. 'Best league in the world' and they can't come up with a left back.
  2. Way_Out_West

    What will happen after Labour win the election

    I think the quotes indicate he's referring to this being a frequently used (and ridiculous) Tory line, not that he actually believes it to be true. Although, there are plenty that do believe it.
  3. Way_Out_West

    Do you buy off Temu?

    I 100% haven't either
  4. Way_Out_West

    Spurs interested in Rav

    They were loans from Premier League clubs to Championship, so not really the same situation.
  5. Way_Out_West

    Anyone used hello fresh etc.

    Well, it is cooking, as you receive ingredients not a finished meal. Use them fairly often, but only ever when I can get a 50% discount (or 40% at a push). Portion sizes are ok I think. As mentioned, useful for trying something new without wasting leftover ingredients. As also mentioned...
  6. Way_Out_West

    Riley McGree

    He's too lightweight to play further back, I don't think it would work as we'd have no physicality in there. We'd also lose a goal threat. He's fine to be played where he is (when fit), attacking midfielder with licence to drift about.
  7. Way_Out_West

    Looks like the SPL is done

    Into, not "in to".
  8. Way_Out_West

    Time for Kit/Colour Change?

    Surely a unique stand-out colour that brings together red and white would be... pink.
  9. Way_Out_West

    Cody Gakpo

    Sensational strike.
  10. Way_Out_West

    The ref on Saturday

    What about the time where they had a player down in their own half, continued to attack for a good minute or more, then when we gained possession and looked to break the ref stopped it for the player to get treatment?
  11. Way_Out_West

    Initial Rogers fee higher than widely quoted

    "Posh co-owner Stewart ‘Randy’ Thompson was quoted in the summer of 2022 referencing a 30 per cent clause, prompting MacAnthony to imply that, while a sell-on may well exist, it is not that high. "Sell-ons for large transfers are never that much to be fair," he is quoted by the Peterborough...
  12. Way_Out_West

    Initial Rogers fee higher than widely quoted

    What evidence do you mean? The bit of rules highlighted, if it was applicable for a sell on % of profit from transfer fee, would mean City can't benefit from Rogers moving from Boro to Villa. This has clearly been reported as happening. There's your evidence that the rule highlighted doesn't...
  13. Way_Out_West

    The £5-00 Cup of Coffee in London

    I used to use non-diary milk, but it was always out of date.
  14. Way_Out_West

    Cleverley named Watford manager

    Not into politics?
  15. Way_Out_West

    Todays Wordle

    Wordle 1,035 1/6* 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  16. Way_Out_West

    Leicester City

    Jamie Vardy came on at 66 minutes, took 18 minutes to have his first touch of the ball and ended up only touching the ball 3 times in the 25 minutes he played.
  17. Way_Out_West

    Kieran Scott’s recruitment really coming to fruition now

    2 years ago we finished outside the playoffs on 70 points. If we get 8 points in the remaining 4 games this season, highly possible, we will finish outside the playoffs on 70 points. Hardly a major regression. It's been an unreal season in terms of injuries, never known anything like it...
  18. Way_Out_West

    Lewis Wing

    Traditionally, the wall and keeper set their positions to cover the goal and make it harder to score. Those lot seem to have skipped that tactics lesson.
  19. Way_Out_West

    Nathan Wood

    It's probably intentionally that way for tactical reasons, so if there is a turnover then we don't have all defenders out of position. We've got 2 DMs to do that job, the centre backs need to find them or the wide players, and keep moving the ball until the opposition has a gap. A passed ball...