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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull [04/24] Match-Day Thread *

    i think Greenwood and Jones are our main problem
  2. W it is...1st chemo session day!!

    I can only send you my best wishes , and reiterate everything everyone else has said. Go and smash it.
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    New club crest coming!

    That should be the winner by a country mile (y)
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    Serbia to play Russia in Moscow next week

    Im sorry roofie, but as much as i like you and your posts in regard to the football which must take up a lot of time and effort. im really struggling with your Genocide comments. Can you define Genocide, and how the Israelis are commiting this atrocity,. Are they carting off thousands of...
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    Southampton (A) Ticket Info 🎟️

    The old capital of England before London. King Alfreds Statue, Did you get to see King Arthurs Round Table in the Guildhall. The Royal Oak, said to be the oldest pub in Britain, Old Saxon Walls on show in the lower level. Used to be full of squadies back in the day, Sadly much less lively...
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    Southampton (A) Ticket Info 🎟️

    Which hotel are you staying in. The wetherspoons is across the road from the railway station. Which is probably the easiest way to get into Southampton. Then you can head up past the Mayflower theatre, good pub next door. Then head up to the High Street , i dont know if theres away fan pubs...
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    Southampton (A) Ticket Info 🎟️

    not much to do in eastleigh nero. A few pubs, a Wetherspoons, can be lively of an evening, plenty of restaurants . i suppose its ideal after football if your not wanting to do anything. For a more cultural experience, Winchester is just 6 miles down the road
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    Funny town/city names

    Kunt !! a place in Pakistan apparantly
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    Depression yet again.

    Yeah, just to say youre not alone, im in that boat too. Keep talking to people. Try listening to music you enjoy, take a long walk or go for a jog. get a sun lamp, ( might help. ) anything to jolt yourself out of that pit. A bit of sunshine helps, im no expert , sorry if its all been said...
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    We will do what’s necessary to protect our democracy

    There's a lot of intentional state sponsored de stabilizing of our country society and culture going on. In fact across most of western europe. Its been happening for some time. Hopefully some people are starting to have the balls to stand up and call it out. Just listen to what people...
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    I fkn hate my life

    you could have written that for me Gramsci. God Bless everyone whose been through or going through this awful time.
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    Millwall game - disgraceful !

    No, but it would of if theyd been wearing their slippers !
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    Awesome and frustrating in equal measure But not awful in any shape or form.
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    Didn't deserve to be taken off imo
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    British troops in Gaza?

    perhaps we should defend ourselves then and take action against Hamas Terrorist sympathisers,
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    Isaiah Isaiah

    He isnt, hes just a very naughty boy !
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    ohhh they will be fuming....

    Or gays for Hamas ??
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    Palestine Football Shirt

    I would hope your going to buy an Israeli shirt too, just to show your humanity. People dying on both "sides"
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    Minimum wage, holiday pay, redundancy payments/notices to be reduced

    Reading that piece is abhorent, " paying people the minimum wage is too much !! my wife works in the NHS and some of those policies around min wage and holiday entitlement are already being implemented.