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  1. anth25

    Spurs interested in Rav

    Well if they gave us £15m for spence reckon we should be starting at around £60m 🤣
  2. anth25

    Favourite Boro Team photo

    This is the one for me too. Had it on the wall in front of the desk in my room where I was supposed to be sat doing homework. Instead I was starting at this and dreaming of one day pulling on the red and white. Spoiler alert...I never did!
  3. anth25

    EURO 2024

    What would your starting 11 be? I don't think putting Bellingham into MF so that Foden can play a Nr10 is shoehorning anyone in. Bellingham more than comfortable in midfield and Foden has been outstanding this season as a 10 for Man City. Foden is wasted out on the left
  4. anth25

    Who do you get told you look like?

    Over the years had quite a few. Have bushy curly hair that in my mind had me looking like mid-60s dylan. Instead I've had the following; Andy Murray, Richard Ashcroft, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Ralf Little, Steve Mangan, Trigger from OFAH
  5. anth25

    Steve Albini - RIP

    One of the reasons I decided not to post it on Friday. Always hard to know what to take as fact and on face value these days
  6. anth25

    Ayling in talks

    This is such a good take. Jones gets pelters sometimes for not taking his man on enough or his final ball not being great. But the cover he offers is hugely important. Secondly he is often doubled up on as opposition fear him which helps create the space for the FB. That's why his impact on the...
  7. anth25

    Steve Albini - RIP

    Nearly posted something about this last week but felt I didn't know enough about it or the sources/writer of the article. However certainly seems pretty damning and whilst I get the argument of setting the artist apart from the art this sort of thing goes way beyond that. Absolutely disgusting...
  8. anth25


    I have oh so many questions. My little mind can't quite comprehend what I've just read!!!
  9. anth25

    Fontaines D.C.

    Superb band who just keep evolving and improving. Looked for tickets for Leeds Arena the other day and completely sold out. That they're now selling out arenas is both impressive and fully deserved. Need to get to see them soon. Still gutted that they cancelled the year they were meant to be...
  10. anth25

    No to Sam Greenwood

    I do think he will come good somewhere as clearly a talented footballer. Just not sure he has the attitude and application to match the ability. Glad we aren't taking the option on him but wish him all the best
  11. anth25

    I like reading about football players doing things like this.

    He'd be my first choice to replace Dieng if he were to leave. Even more so after this. Great gesture
  12. anth25

    Best headed goals

    JFH away in Rome. Never celebrated a goal like that before or since. Was knackered afterwards!
  13. anth25

    Sadiq Khan wants to ban dogs from London 😂😂

    These days, you can't even have a dog in London. These days
  14. anth25

    Worst jobs

    Whenever I'm at a festival I always think the person that has to come and use their lorry to suck the sh!te out of all the portaloos must be regretting some of their life choices. :sick:
  15. anth25

    What sports were you good at?

    Same here. I am so left footed it's not funny. Right foot might as well not be there. I've coached all 3 of my boys and whilst none of them are world beaters the thing I'm most proud of is that they can all use both feet!!
  16. anth25

    The core squad to build around next season

    The key is obviously holding on to our star players. There's a lot of talk of us trying to follow the Brentford model but when you look at a lot of their big players at Championship level they managed to get at least two seasons out of them. The likes of Watkins, Benrahma and Mbuemo all stuck...
  17. anth25

    VAR - For or Against

    Not sure I agree. The camera's are set in a fixed point in the goals whereas the offside is a moving point somewhere along the length of the pitch. There is no human involvement such as trying to line up the two lines for the offside. Also we do see it. They always put up a picture of it on...
  18. anth25

    VAR - For or Against

    Is this really going to be the case? Would be able to accept it a lot more were this to happen but there's no way it will be as immediate as the goal line technology. You're still going to have those moments of fans celebrating a goal only for it to be ruled out
  19. anth25

    VAR - For or Against

    But that was referee's call wasn't it? That wasn't given by VAR. Whether you think it was a pen or not at least the decision is being made by the one man in charge on the pitch. They'll always get some right and some wrong. Been that way for over 100yrs. My point is that the wrong decisions are...
  20. anth25

    VAR - For or Against

    But goal line technology works 99.99% of the time. Absolutely no reason to get rid of that