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  1. Gains

    On The Ball City

    I went to Magaluf 35 years ago and met some lads from Norwich who tried to teach us this. I remember at the time thinking it was the worst footy song I’ve ever heard.
  2. Gains

    Hoedt after he’d scored

    Hoedt in training on Monday. “…..and then, I’m sat minding my own business and this 6ft 7 ex heavyweight boxer is causing bother with the bouncers so I went over and dropped him, never bought a drink all night after that. Manager offered me shares in the club to run the doors. Toughest fight of...
  3. Gains

    Next season's kit

    Whatever happened to the days we played the last game of the season in next seasons kit? Am I imagining that? Or was it someone else and not us?
  4. Gains

    One of the best Boro interviews I've ever seen – Jonny Howson

    Thanks for the heads up, really enjoyed that. You can only imagine how amazing that will be for him as his kids are getting older and getting more interested, hopefully they're Boro fans and not the sub-humans they live near.
  5. Gains


    Jesus mate, yea obviously it's open to all genders and you'll be glad to hear I have nothing to do with the selection process. In fact, minority groups would have an advantage due to the industry being dominated by men. I'm old and maybe not as pc as I should be but the original post is well...
  6. Gains


    Some decent apprenticeship's kicking about this time of year. A few with my company that would lead to highly paid career for people with the right attitude. Be worth applying if you, your sons or grandsons are suitable. Some would mean training away from home but would likely lead to offshore...
  7. Gains

    This is a bizarre one but injuries from dreams

    Hope you're ok mate, all we need at the mo. Catching practice needed ;)
  8. Gains

    Vote Labour and Teesworks Could be the Making of Teesside - So Says Steve Gibson

    Maybe he thought that's what was best for Teesside at the time? Or even best for himself, it's his right. He's entitled to change his mind as are we all. Floating voters base their opinions on what is happening or happened recently, absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  9. Gains

    Everton going bust?

    £900 million in debt. 777 have loaned them £180million working capital which they'll want back if they don't get approved by the PL which is dragging on. First thing 777 will do if they get approved is re-mortgage the already noose like Bramley Moor Dock. Basically they're a basket case.
  10. Gains

    Quiz question if you’re bored - 3 parts - no googling!

    Possible reason to want Leicester to win it this year then 👍
  11. Gains

    3 players to get us promoted

    It almost feels like some people haven’t paid attention to the clubs policy on signing players these last few windows doesn’t it. Also, listening to his interview with Brazil and McCoist he came across as saying he wants to sign for a premier league club. Bold.
  12. Gains

    This seasons signing

    Obviously why Scott was employed and he’s paying back far more than his own salary with some of these signings which is great for the club. Back of the mind niggle that a by-product of that is bigger clubs will be thinking exactly the same. You’d prefer that than the recruitment we had prior to...
  13. Gains

    Stevie Gibson is a red

    I've never met him. I'd guess most politicians come across as nice people if you do, so I can only base my opinion on his politics, same as most people's opinion of the lot of them.
  14. Gains

    Alex Gilbert

    Looked great today. I'm excited for next season.
  15. Gains

    Stevie Gibson is a red

  16. Gains

    Stevie Gibson is a red

    While you might be right my comment is borne out of frustration at the current crop. I'm no fan of McDonald or historically, Labour in Middlesbrough. A safe seat if ever there was one and treat as such.
  17. Gains

    Stevie Gibson is a red

    I just think the vast majority of politicians enter politics for the benefit to themselves. And why not? I go to work for me and my family. I just don’t claim to want to make the country better whilst milking every penny I can from it, to the detriment of the people I claim to want to help...
  18. Gains

    Stevie Gibson is a red

    Couldn't really care less mate. If you think any MP's are in politics for social justice then you can keep cracking right on in your parallel universe.
  19. Gains

    Stevie Gibson is a red

    Frightening people can be so brainwashed isn’t it
  20. Gains

    Stevie Gibson is a red

    So there's people here who support a political party no matter what? Surely you vote depending on your circumstances and how a manifesto would benefit, you, your family, your community, your region and your country? That would surely be the sensible thing to do and probably what Gibbo has done.