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  1. indeedido

    Taylor Harwood-Bellis

    I totally disagree. Loaning quality means you have it before you can afford it. If you then buy it for a high price you then own quality that is likely to further appreciate in value at a higher level.
  2. indeedido

    Spurs want Hackney and Rav

    Rav is currently a mile off being a PL starter at a top club. I really hope we keep both. If not, what exactly are we building...and building for??
  3. indeedido

    Starmer wants to drop voting age to 16

    My opinion is that 16 year olds are too young to vote. I think 17 years old is too young to drive on public roads. The attitude towards older people voting from some posters is disgusting.
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    New to them is she?
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    Any Boro supporter should want the worst for Leeds. I wish them only a lifetime of failure and misery. I hate this focus on who will be “tougher” competition next season when nobody knows that. Focus instead on ourselves.
  6. indeedido

    Geordies miss out on Europe then

    Now we just need Soton to do Leeds there tomorrow.
  7. indeedido

    FA Cup final day

    Delighted today for Newcastle.
  8. indeedido

    What has Middlesbrough given to the world music scene?

  9. indeedido

    What has Middlesbrough given to the world music scene?

    Don't need a deep breath, or apologise as you are still claiming EBTG. I called you an @rse, not thinking the filter would make it look like a bad 4 letter word. I do apologise if you thought I'd dropped the c bomb, and actually have plenty of respect for you, or at least your posts.
  10. indeedido

    What has Middlesbrough given to the world music scene?

    The band formed in 1982 during their first year at Hull Uni, not 1994 you ****. Eden was recorded in 1983, released in 1984 and she graduated (with a first obviously) in 1984 and left Hull. Just stop it.
  11. indeedido

    Least favourite Cities in the UK

    Not as many National Parks as you seem to think. Cotswolds, Surrey Hills not National Parks. Some of your timings are daft, but you know that;)
  12. indeedido

    Least favourite Cities in the UK

    Christ you must mean by helicopter if you are counting Edinburgh, Hull, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry, London or Bristol.
  13. indeedido

    Where does the north start?

    Scunthorpe and Grimsby. Midlands is a thing. Crewe is Midlands, Mansfield is Midlands, Oxford is Midlands, Northampton is Midlands. Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool are all in the north. That map suggesting Birmingham is in the north is ridiculous.
  14. indeedido

    Where would Celtic finish in the Premier League?

    Both Rangers and Celtic are huge clubs with massive fanbases. They are however both absolutely terrible squads and teams. At present they would finish bottom two in the PL. I don't think eiother would get close to the play offs in the Championship. I really like Rangers, but this is as bad a...
  15. indeedido

    Reason why Steve Round left Arsenal

    It's remarkable mate. Arteta has totally transformed Arsenal. They have just lost the title in the 38th round of fixtures, having been runners up last season to the best club side we've seen for an age. So what are the spends across Arteta's 4 years at Arsenal? Chelsea In 549m Euros, Out 1,463...
  16. indeedido

    Least favourite Cities in the UK

    I just don't like big cities in general, but some have their plus points. There are parts of London that I really like to visit. There's fabulous architecture, nice green areas and so much choice of what to do, eat, buy, experience. There are also nice enclaves dotted all around the "city", but...
  17. indeedido

    Man citys fans

    I just do not understand fans that jump on to a club that becomes successful and glamorous if they have no prior connection to it and its not their local club.. My mate is a Gooner and I go a couple or three times a season with him. I like Arsenal and want them to do well. I really wanted them...
  18. indeedido

    Giles loan ended

    Gibson said “And what does £4m get you these days, other than a left back who is no good”. Might not have been meaning Giles, but I thought it was what he was inferring on the night.
  19. indeedido

    Riley McGree

    I think McGree if fit is a first team starter from the current squad, but I do think we will have better in that position by the start of next season.
  20. indeedido

    Man citys fans

    I take a different view about our support. I think it has been pretty good given relatively poor home form until very late in the season. Arsenal was electric at times today, especially on West Hams goal, but not all match. I’ve heard Old Trafford, Anfield, Etihad, Bridge, St James like morgues...