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  1. Nero80

    Ten Hag getting sacked after fa cup final

    This saturday
  2. Nero80

    What do you have with ……..

    Spam, egg and cheese in a bun 👍
  3. Nero80

    Billionaire after Teesside Airport

    Darlo could do with a bit of investment like ;)
  4. Nero80

    The end?

    I enjoy a game of black sea bingo 👍
  5. Nero80

    What is your favourite sub-£200 material possession?

    Used to love playing the dizzy games, think was around 1990/91 ? Good times
  6. Nero80

    The end?

    Ah fair enough, cheers muttley 👍
  7. Nero80

    The end?

    Is there any truth in the US has asked Ukraine to stop attacking refineries in Russia? If thats the case what would be the logic behind it? Surely the more refineries they take out the better.
  8. Nero80

    Man City or Arsenal

    Man City, theres to lose, cant see them dropping points unfortunately
  9. Nero80

    The end?

    Any further news yet on when that bridge is going swimming?
  10. Nero80

    The end?

    I agree, i don't think things on the battlefield are as good for Ukraine as what is being made out. I appreciate additional assistance is on the way, but even with all the help they have had, Ukraine didn't make significant gains during the last offensive. I Hope I'm wrong but i can see Russia...
  11. Nero80

    Ayling in talks

    His contract is up end of May, so like any one of us, he's obviously going to listen to the other job offers that are given to him. But as said above, we have a huge head start, in the fact he's played for us and enjoyed it. I think he’ll sign with us, but theres no rush as its a long window...
  12. Nero80

    No Northern Lites in Park End 😕

    Probably just the glow being emitted from burning cars that i reckon
  13. Nero80

    A19/A1M overnight road closures

    Yea thats going to cause big delays, northbound tunnel is closing, both directions will be using the southbound tunnel, obviously down to one lane. Initial closure is 3rd may, then starts on 7th June until next year
  14. Nero80

    A19/A1M overnight road closures

    Coming south if you’re unlucky enough that the A19 and A1 south are closed, head through Tyne tunnel, then pick up the A194, follow it onto A194M then that will bring you onto the A1 south where washington services south is.
  15. Nero80

    A19/A1M overnight road closures

    The a1 overnight road closure overnight isnt a permanent closure. North bound is maybe a week here and there, but id say southbound is closed more often. (Truck driver who hits it most early mornings). if it was closed northbound on your way up, it is fairly well signposted for diversion...
  16. Nero80

    Green waste collections

    Thanks mate (y)
  17. Nero80

    Green waste collections

    Ive received my brown bin, no issues but i applied for a larger black bin at the same time. Ive still not heard anything as of yet. Im assuming they are finishing the roll out of brown bins first? Also my calendar states household waste is still weekly collection, when is that changing to...
  18. Nero80


    Glad you called them, they are unsung heroes. Good on you for calling them, and also remember there will always be people on here who will lend a shoulder if needed 👍. Chin up mate
  19. Nero80

    The end?

    Fingers crossed US congress get a move on, pass the aid package and get things moving in the right direction again.
  20. Nero80

    The end?

    The Power plant that has been totally destroyed is a huge blow for Ukraine (no pun intended), certainly the way things are going at the moment, it looks like Russia is getting further ahead in this war. Things are looking at bit bleak for Ukraine.