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  1. J

    Sheffield United

    100, by Swindon 93 / 94 but that was a 42 game season… 89 by derby in 38 game season… so says google anyhow!
  2. J

    Sheffield United

    71 goals conceded so far this season
  3. J

    South Americans to play for Middlesbrough

    Diego Fabrini?? If so think he was Italian.
  4. J

    South Americans to play for Middlesbrough

    Juninho Emerson Rochembach Carlos de pena Moreno Ramirez Doriva Branco Ricard Payero Carlos Marinelli Fabio (left back) Fabio (Emerson’s cousin) Amorebieta Muniz
  5. J

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Port Vale. Caraboa Cup, Quarter-Final, Match-Day Thread *

    I’d put o’brien in for coburn and stick mcgree in at number 10… other than that good team!
  6. J


    What’s the justification behind al-nasr and not al-hilal or some other Saudi team?
  7. J

    Howson at CB

    Off it… it also allows Howson to drop back as a sweeper keeper when we’re in possession, allowing Dieng to push up into midfield!
  8. J

    Brian Clough

    Greatest manager Middlesbrough never had!
  9. J

    Yuri Alberto

    Seems to be pricey, if true, surely means it’s to be funded by Akpom sale?
  10. J

    New Coach of Monaco is Adolf Hutter

    No doubt his ultimate goal will be to conquer Europe once more!
  11. J

    Keep it going

    Harry Kane isn’t a tropical cyclone from the Caribbean.
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    Pinched off Facebook! Might be a load of tosh.
  13. J


    You mean in the same way that Carlos de Penna was a fringe Uruguayan international?
  14. J

    Fosters Lager alcohol content...

    Duty Savings perhaps? Taste wise I’m not the biggest fan of Fosters, so god knows what it’ll taste like now.
  15. J

    Premier League

    If we do go up it’s likely we’ll lose half the games which we play which can’t be enjoyable, be doing well to win 10 games all season… how much did forest spend to be rewarded with 8 wins so far, Chelsea and their 11 wins scary really, can’t be sustainable… flip side to that is that it...
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    Who are the nine footballers

    George Graham
  17. J

    Someone said steffan injured in warm up

    It’s howson who pulled up I think. Mcnair replaces him in the team.
  18. J


    Steffan Dijksteel lenihan bola Jones Giles Howson Barlaser Mowatt Crooks Archer
  19. J


    Jesus Christ!
  20. J

    Joe Geldhardt

    Didn’t we once sign Marco Branca, Hamilton Ricard and Alun Armstrong in the same week once? We’re currently playing with Crooks up top, we need strikers.