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    I'm glad I never had to work down t' pit

    lived in a small village between Barnsley and Sheffield as a kid... was amazed at how many villages had their own pits over the years and how many stories and memorials there were to the people that were lost. one that always stuck with me was Huskar Drift mine where loads of Kids were drowned...
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    Mediterranean cruise advice .?

    Very open market for cruising around the Med. best advice is pick a company that matches your lifestyle and age group. Once you find which company you want… look at the individual ships as they can be quite different in terms of stuff on board etc. YouTube is great for research
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    Untaxed Vehicles Seized

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    Hi all looking for a bit of advice... has anyone used for tickets for events? Im looking at getting some seats at an NFL game and they have come up half the price of ticketmaster. Are they legit?
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    Premier League clubs to hold vote on scrapping VAR.

    The system works for me but it’s the offside stuff that is daft. They need to make it clear x amount offside as instead of spending 10 mins looking for a shoelace. I would say the gap has to be 12 inches or more… anything under stands. Other option is like said above with 2 manager challenges...
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    Anglo-American Woodsmith Mine

    According to the radio it’s burning through £3 million a day No government in the world can commit to that unfortunately. The ridiculous thing is there was a summit today on food security… if this doesn’t form part of that I don’t know what does
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    Anglo-American Woodsmith Mine

    Headline is that the slowdown is for 2025 and a complete loss of all capital expenditure for 2026. Anyone know when it was due to be online? BHP have made no secret of wanting AA for a while. but the issue is they will have near complete control of global Mining Markets if they do. Best thing...
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    A really humbling moment

    All the best mate. They give us grey hairs but we wouldn’t have it any other way
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    Will Ferry

    Yeah an Old School Midfielder would be great
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    Will Ferry

    come on come on lets stick together on this.
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    Will Ferry

    Not to worry, If we don't get him I'm sure we can get one of the other guys :ROFLMAO:
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    When you thought you’d seen it all

    Yeah regular sight in darlo that to be honest
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    Heron deterrents?

    Would one of those sonic scares work?
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    Eurovision week!!!

    Well I thought that was the whole point of the contest… ie it is about the song and the singer and not the millions spent on a music video
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    Eurovision week!!!

    Started poor but finished strong
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    Eurovision week!!!

    I’m confused… that was more like a music video than a performance on a stage. How much of that were the audience able to see?
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    Fury V Usyk.

    I hope the fat lump gets spanked and put on his ****.
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    Seriously WTF? That aint Eurovision
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    Labour Immigration Policy

    Great soundbite, but the execution is nearly impossible to do as you are relying on a foreign power for assistance, enforcement, justice and punishment... Something the French wont do. We have chucked Billions at the French to use their own police force/border force to stop the smugglers and...
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    Stormy Daniels

    How many Lawyers do you think he will fire before this is finished 😂