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    5 years ago today we parted company with one of the worst managers we ever had

    I don't think it was the result people had a problem with, more the disappointing way we went about it with seemingly very little attacking intent even when trailing in the tie.
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    5 years ago today we parted company with one of the worst managers we ever had

    Or Newport in the ******* rain.
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    Gone Fishing.... a new series apparently.

    Excellent. I think when they last got commissioned it was for 2 series so this must be it.
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    5 years ago today we parted company with one of the worst managers we ever had

    Once Adaaaaaaaama left the football was terrible (at it's worst a back 4 all made up of centre-halves, midfield 5 all made up of central midfielders and then Jordan Hugill somewhere in the distance). I also got the impression he was completely phoning it in by that stage of his career and...
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    The Proposed Everton Take Over

    Interesting bit about parachute payments at the end too.
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    Sketchers Slip-Ins ??

    Genius bit of marketing by Skechers. Ubiquitous now with the boomers.
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    Latte Lath - Gazette Live articles

    Exactly. The only difference is that some agents are respectful enough not to talk about it in the press.
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    Who do you get told you look like?

    Glad you clarified.
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    New badge not on next seasons shirts?

    People who want the fans to 'have a say' are usually assuming that the fans will vote for something they themselves like which isn't always true. My experience with voting is that I always seem to be in the minority so putting things to the public vote strikes me with fear. Can see us ending...
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    Noel Gallagher not doing "The Poznan"

    Agree. This type of curmudgeonly behaviour I can certainly get behind.
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    Fontaines D.C.

    Always stood out to me as a modern guitar band loved by 'the kids' in an age where guitar music is largely non-existent. Have really developed beyond that and clearly have loads of ideas both sonically and lyrically so looking forward to the album.
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    O'Brien/Greenwood/Thomas not staying says Gazette

    Makes complete sense to me this. Greenwood has shown moments of quality and at least managed to stay fit but has been largely anonymous since Christmas when he should have been stepping up. Thomas was only there to cover Bagura's injury and if there was an opportunity to stay then he certainly...
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    Astra Zeneca vaccine withdrawn

    There are real life impacts of spouting anti-science nonsense.
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    The Final

    I woke up really optimistic and excited for the game but by the time it kicked off it was ******* down, London was carpeted with broken glass and people were storming the stadium to get it for free and intimidating families with tickets and I could barely have been less interested in the game...
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    Spotify is brilliant

    We've got a Premium Family plan and i'm the main subscriber but all the audiobooks have a price next to them even when I'm logged in to the webplayer.
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    The end?

    I worked at Tioxide on Haverton Hill road for a couple of summers in the 90s when I was a student.
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    Managers that criticise players in public

    As said above, managers often do it to deflect blame and a lot of fans quite like it after a particularly poor performance. However, it always comes back to bite the manager in the end (see Wilder's end of season address after our thumping at Preston on the final day of the season).
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    Salary Cap For Premier League Players

    On 5Live they said Man Utd, Man City and Villa were the 3 that voted against it. Chelsea abstained.
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    Law McCabe looked just like a mini-Hackney on Saturday. Obviously some way to go but he was comfortable taking the ball under pressure and always found a team mate with his pass.
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    Danny Murphy’s disparaging comments about Everton last night

    And it was 5 central midfielders sometime (Howson, Clayton, Obi Mikel, Wing, Besic)