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  1. Robbieboro

    I like ENGEL

    Not a fan of him. He is not awful but for me just so average. I like the look of Bangura more hopefully he can put a run of games together next season.
  2. Robbieboro

    Paddy McNair goodbye message.

    Been a good solid player for us. Probably the right decision for both player and club to move onto new ventures. Will be a good pick up on a free for someone.
  3. Robbieboro

    Marcus Forss

    Good player would rather keep him. But look at how we have got on him without him, same for Dale Fry.
  4. Robbieboro

    Latte Lath

    Love him. What a player.
  5. Robbieboro

    Summer EFL League

    Can't beat the Christmas period in English football. Saturdays , Boxing Day , New Year's Day.
  6. Robbieboro

    Isaiah Jones — stick or flog?

    End product has been poor recently and giving the ball away consistently. The pass to Ayling on the counter attack at the end of the game was a poor one as he had to stop and check back slightly to get the ball when it should have been infront of him. However he is always a threat and...
  7. Robbieboro

    Tom Glover

    On the back of this Iv just read the linked article. And it says Dieng only got back in the team after Glover fractured his finger and was Carricks number 1
  8. Robbieboro

    Tom Glover

    Yeah I'd take 500,000 for him give Jamie Jones another year and then look to bring in one of our youngsters to replace Glover. The only downside to that is stunting one of the lads developments like Sol Brynn and Zach hemmings by them sitting on the bench behind Dieng. When they have been out on...
  9. Robbieboro

    Tonight’s man of the match

    Howson for me. Clarke and VDB both impressive.
  10. Robbieboro

    Sam Greenwood

    Season is effectively over, I wouldn't waste my time playing him again. Shocking.
  11. Robbieboro

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull [04/24] Match-Day Thread *

    Give your head a shake. He played the pass for the goal. He also gave it away plenty as well and has failed to stop multiple crosses.
  12. Robbieboro

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull [04/24] Match-Day Thread *

    We are seeing our short comings this game. The left hand side with Greenwood and Engel is atrocious. And the midfield is non existent
  13. Robbieboro

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull [04/24] Match-Day Thread *

    Oh my F***ing god. What on earth is he passing the ball to him for there.
  14. Robbieboro

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull [04/24] Match-Day Thread *

    **** me could Jones and Ayling have stood of him anymore
  15. Robbieboro

    Luke Thomas - Sign Him!

    He had a half Orite 45 mins. No where near good enough.
  16. Robbieboro

    Luke Thomas ….

    4 left backs put pen to paper this season , 3 signings and 1 contract extension. And not one of them has particularly been up to it. I'd like to see Bangura a bit more first before I completely write him off. But why was Coulson who had been out on loan for about 2 seasons and not pulled up...
  17. Robbieboro

    Kalvin Phillips

    Was never his biggest fan, however in the Euros for England he was fantastic. Went to City never played and it's totallly regressed him as a player.
  18. Robbieboro

    Would you keep any of the loan players?

    O'brien is ok, the others I wouldn't have back. Ayling is finished, Greenwood non existent and as someone mentioned on Thomas he isn't an upgrade on Engel and he is not particularly very good either.
  19. Robbieboro

    Why start Greenwood? aka the invisible man!

    He is just not good enough, papered over the cracks early on with some important goals. But even they have dried up now, and when he is not making goal contributions he offers FA. It seems Carrick probably doesn't think Gilbert is up to it due to his lack of game time. But I'd probably time to...