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    Arne Slot - likely to be Liverpool manager

    Think they'll struggle for top 4 next season, think they would even if Kloop was staying but definitely now without him and big club novice in charge.
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    35 years ago today we were relegated from Division 1 at Hilsborough

    Was there in the main stand too, knew itwasa bad omen when I saw Roger Tames in the car park before the match
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    Millwall to expand the Den

    I can't see Millwall ever being much more than what they've always been a largely working class club, WHU always had a bit of glamour and of course won the world cup. Millwall have Charlton and Palace next door both potentially bigger or already bigger in the case of CP.
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    Charlie Elphicke: Former Tory MP jailed for two years after being found guilty of three sexual assaults

    Not sure that the Labour Party should be welcoming all comers from the Tory party
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    Gareth Southgate

    Whether Southgate can become a top club manager, no one knows, I hope he does at some point and from a communications / player management perspective he seems to have the right skill set but it will be tough and it would be taking a big risk to appoint him to the biggest job in English football...
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    Eurovision week!!!

    I'm very much enjoying the end of days meltdown the usual Twitter mob are having because of the Ireland entry
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    Akpom back?

    As said already; there will rightly be Prem clubs in for him with way more money for transfer fees and salary. I think there's every chance Ajax will actually make money on a sale if there are a couple of clubs in for him. £15m and £50k a week is pennies for most prem clubs
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    Hull sack their manager

    It's the way some owners work, doesn't generally pay off but worked for watford for a while
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    Lopetegui to West Ham

    I understand that they want to move on from Moyes who is a decent if somewhat one dimensional manager but don't get this appointment, he's not young or up and coming and has had fairly limited success despite having managed clubs with bigger access to resources than WHU, strange one for me
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    The Championship Playoffs

    Definitely a difficult one to call, there’s usually a form team or a very good team that missed out, which I guess you’d say is Leeds but they haven’t looked that much better than the rest in recent weeks and seem to be feeling the pressure. I think I’ll go with Southampton as the winner on the...
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    I like reading about football players doing things like this.

    Nice gesture! I'm sure for every horror story you hear about overpaid / overprivileged players there are 10 times as many good stories that don't get much, if any, publicity
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    The rain in Spain.

    I've got a place in Alicante region, have thought about selling and buying in either Catalonia or Costa del Sol but their issues with water are definitely something that comes into the equation. From what I've read both those regions are a little behind in the investment needed to safeguard...
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    Who Did Your Parents Have an Irrational Hatred of?

    Was a very well publicised fact, I seem to think it was mandatory to mention in any interview or profile along with him being a copper
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    Who Did Your Parents Have an Irrational Hatred of?

    It's a long list in my case but the one that I remember because it came up almost every week when I was getting right into football was Glen Hoddle, my dad could never see a clip of him on match of the day without commenting about how he wasn't a real footballer!
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    London stabbing

    It's shocking and sadly something that happens all too often. This case looks different to the usual gang related stuff but always tragic for all concerned
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    Spending Cap from season - 2025-2026

    As said already, the big / rich clubs will have ideas on how to beat ant cap but got to be worth a try as the current system is clearly not fair or working.
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    I love biscuits.

    Custard creams, can’t beat either the m&s or waitrose basic range ones for about 40p
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    Inside the Force 24/7.

    It’s about the frontline officers and the absolute weapons they have to deal with on a day to day basis. Whatever the management get up to you have to take your hat off to these guys
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    Andre Villas Boas

    There was this story about him and the senior Chelsea players in The Upshot last week, probably says more about his lack of ability to manage entitled senior players than him having an ego: It’s hard to think of a club more entwined in the murky world of global capitalism than Chelsea...
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    Certainly taking his opportunity at the moment