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  1. J

    Big Cats roaming wild in the UK?

    Not enough toes for one of the locals. Needs at least six.
  2. J

    What is everyone doing without a Boro game?

    Possible TV series in the offing - 'Jailbreaks with David Copperfield'.
  3. J

    What is everyone doing without a Boro game?

    Off to see Spiritualized tonight at Brighton Dome
  4. J

    Which healthy foods do you absolutely love

    Black pudding Liver
  5. J

    Geordies you actually like

    She's from Ramsgate.
  6. J

    Geordies you actually like

    Chris Donald (Viz)
  7. J

    Girona qualify for Champions League

    UEFA have given them a couple of options: Reduce City Group's stake in one of the teams to < 30%, or Put one of the clubs into a blind trust for a season, administered by someone else SEE here
  8. J

    Sketchers Slip-Ins ??

    Wear them everywhere all year round. Love them but they're a bit slippy on wet pavements.
  9. J

    New portrait of the king

    It reminds me of those end-of-pier cutout cardboard photo contraptions
  10. J

    New Yorker banned article on Lucy Letby

    It's a disturbing read. I'm unconvinced that most of the people involved in the investigation i.e. police, legal, medical professionals, and the jury, would have a sophisticated understanding of statistical inference, probability, and bias. More generally, the case shares some of the...
  11. J

    Sketchers Slip-Ins ??

    I am too young for them
  12. J

    Latte Lath - Gazette Live articles

    If Leeds are promoted he'll go there for £20m
  13. J

    Whats with all the jets flying over??

    Rishi's Waitrose delivery?
  14. J

    If you could talk to your teenage self

    Yes, you do. It is a law of nature.
  15. J

    People knocking Teessiders for voting for Houchen.

    I've got the book 'Who Owns England?', by Guy Shrubsole, the founder of the website. He's a Georgist (like me!). Here's a link to an article he wrote on Henry George and land ownership in England.
  16. J

    People knocking Teessiders for voting for Houchen.

    Do you mean the 1680s? It's been going on since the Enclosure Acts, if not before.
  17. J

    Dean Windass to sue football authorities

    The solution is fairly clear - remove heading from the game. What is less clear is how we move from here to there.
  18. J

    Kuenssberg needs sacking.

    Even if she was unbiased and fair she shouldn't be presenting a flagship politics show on the BBC. She is a poor interviewer and a dogshyte presenter.
  19. J

    I see the Green Party did really well in Gipton and Harehills (Leeds)

    Seems fair enough. I'm sure Gipton has its share of problems but genocide isn't one of them, unlike Gaza.
  20. J

    What do Thursday's results indicate for the election?

    This would definitely bite them in the ar$e. The Tory party has a demographic base like FMTTM, and they're not getting any younger. Making them hobble to a polling station would finish some of them off.