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    The team needs your support

    Can’t agree with this at all. Name one game where ‘just the hardcore’ were there and there was a better atmosphere than Brentford/Brighton/Tottenham/Chelsea…?
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    Time for a fan protest at the Norwich game

    I think the issue is the club keep shooting themselves in the foot off the pitch. If we were in order off the pitch (player sale/lack of reinvestment, season ticket prices/deadline/announcement, Carling Cup anniversary issues, constant club shop issues etc etc) then the fans would probably be a...
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    No Carrick interview then ?

    Same on Tees. Easy questions, which the interviewer is desperate to answer for Carrick half the time.
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    Time for a fan protest at the Norwich game

    Think we’ll see a big drop off in walk ups on Wednesday and the rest of the season. As above, could be more impactful than any protest.
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    MC Post match interview

    With regards to playing out from the back, people say ‘it’s good when it works… gets you in trouble when it doesn’t’ but it hardly works for us and we’re caught out more often than not, yet we keep persisting with it
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    The Gazette have grown a pair.

    There’s a voice note rumour going round… *Rob will be shutting this thread down soon
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    Barlaser and O'Brien

    Can’t defend many performances yesterday but of the 2 CMs I thought at least Obrien tried to move us forward, both with forward passes and forward runs. Not to great effect, but at least he tried it.
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    Man of the match today...

    Yeah I agree - not all managers will want to be shouters but some performances deserve to be shouted at and the players do need to now that it was embarrassing, angry, ashamed etc. What’s the consequence for a bad performance under Carrick then? If it’s a well mannered chat in the changing...
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    Man of the match today...

    On this…. Do we think Carrick will/can give a good hiding out? Was thinking at half time they need a bollocking… but somehow can’t see Carrick giving the hairdryer treatment.
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    The Walkout protest thing

    Looked like it got rearranged for the 70th minute.
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    Man of the match today...

    Wouldn’t have given one. Even the suggestions for McGree and Forss who might have been the best of a bad bunch, don’t deserve the tag man of the match. Did Maddo give one on Tees?
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    Todays ref

    He accidentally caught it with 2 hands above his head 😂
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    Dan Badpasser

    He plays as if there’s no goals on the pitch. Just one giant Rondo. Safe 5/10 yarders to the closest person to him, regardless of where he is on the pitch. No drive to make anything happen.
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    Ayling and Thomas

    Agree with the tone of the thread. I was looking forward to seeing Ayling as I’ve been a fan of his, however he’s not shining. Maybe the wrong side of 30, legs gone etc? It was hard for anyone to come out with any credit today but I thought both full backs (and Barlaser) were amongst the worst...
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    Red Faction - walking out on 30th minute

    And who do you think will suffer next season if there’s 5 or 10k off the gate?
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    Calum Kavanagh

    If he didn’t get a chance when we have no recognised striker, he was probably never going to get one. However, we don’t have to give every academy prospect a chance in the first team; they have to be good enough/earn it.
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    RF Banner

    Wonder if they’ve got anything further planned…. Anyone know anything?
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    I’m listening to the Leicester commentary

    I thought they were fair and complimentary to us. Even post match analysis giving us a lot of respect.
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    The Apprentice.

    I’ve seen interviews/Q&A with past contestants who all seem to confirm that the wake up times of 4/5am are actually correct. I do like watching it, however it’s very predictable: Step 1. Lord sugar introduces challenge, contestants stand like nodding dogs smiling like they can’t wait to take...
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    Steve Gibson Q and A Latest

    I’ve no doubt that there are significantly better personnel out there, but MFC seems to operate a closed shop for its staffing. Anyone remember the new ticketing manager (or similar) that came in to work with Joanne swinnerton? Tried to implement new things and ended up leaving after no time...