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  1. Heam44

    FAO Insulin users

    Stocking up could exasperate the problem.
  2. Heam44

    What would you do with a problem like Dael?

    Fry best years could easy be between the ages of 27-34.
  3. Heam44

    Fury V Usyk.

    I don’t agree. I prefer AJ (for his CV and willingness to fight) over Fury (I don’t dislike Fury though, just thinks he’s a bit of a plonker / Jackanory, although he did grow on me whilst watching the documentary). But if Fury beats Uysk, even if someone felt AJ had a better CV (due to number...
  4. Heam44

    Can you ask to stop benefits in writing?

    Dear DWP, I am writing on behalf of my relative. Please stop their attendance allowance. Yours Sincerely, Ben Efitfraud. ( 😂Only joking TeessideCleveland)
  5. Heam44

    Can you ask to stop benefits in writing?

    Phone them up, put the call on loudspeaker. Record the conversation using another phone. Pictures and videos are time and date stamped. Out of curiosity, what do you mean you “don’t want your name on their system”?
  6. Heam44

    Astra Zeneca vaccine withdrawn

    Both could be true. Banned / not wanted in some countries coupled with (potentially better) alternatives having been produced.
  7. Heam44

    Biggest bargain in football history

    Wow! Bit strong that like! Genuine question - how old are you? I’m not saying he wasn’t a very good player / signing / bargain. I’m saying he wasn’t the best bargain ever. They got 5 seasons out of him, he was banned for 1 and then retired so no sell on fee. Man U finished with 2 points...
  8. Heam44

    Biggest bargain in football history

    I’m not saying he wasn’t a very good signing. But never the best bargain ever. Lastly, according to you, his petulance costing his team a league title proves how good a signing he was 😂
  9. Heam44

    Biggest bargain in football history

    Van Der Saar (Man U), Kante (Leicester), Viera (Arsenal), Kompany (Man City), Seamus Coleman.
  10. Heam44

    Biggest bargain in football history

    Definitely not Cantona. Obviously was a good signing but only played 5 seasons for them. Was banned for 1. Only scored more than 20 goals (in all competitions) once. Never got 20 league goals in a season. Keane, Schmeichael (sp) and even Ronaldo are all better bargains than Cantona in my...
  11. Heam44

    Gary Neville was offered interview at Boro

    Why? I quite like him.
  12. Heam44

    Who Did Your Parents Have an Irrational Hatred of?

    Mam definitely wasn’t a fan of Gail from Coronation Street, not sure if it was the actress or character (probably both) but her chin definitely had something to do with it 😂
  13. Heam44

    London stabbing

    Out of curiosity? Are you referring to a meat clever? If not, specifically, what do you use a machete in the kitchen for?
  14. Heam44

    Inside the Force 24/7.

    For anyone who is interested Google - ‘Adverse Childhood experiences’.
  15. Heam44

    Latte Lath

    Add injury to your list also.
  16. Heam44

    Inside the Force 24/7.

    I’d presume the rationale / charging decision from the CPS is along the lines of: You caused two of the stab wounds intentionally. And the other 3 injuries were caused unintentionally I.e “you were the numpty with the knife in your hand” (the injuries resulted from his “reckless” actions)...
  17. Heam44

    Jones - new 3 year contract

    Great News!! Really would like to see what he could do from the left though!!
  18. Heam44

    Cole Palmer or Phil Foden?

    He’s Finish(ed)
  19. Heam44

    Cole Palmer or Phil Foden?

    Pickford Walker Maguire Gomez Stones Rice Palmer Foden Bellingham Saka Kane
  20. Heam44

    Formations in 90s/00s to now

    I honestly think we’d win the league if we played 5312.