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  1. -1891-

    What is the coolest thing you own?

    The tax disc in my TVR
  2. -1891-

    Have No Fear.....Bozo has your back

    Isn’t impersonating a police officer a crime?
  3. -1891-

    Name the teams and year

    That was quick.
  4. -1891-

    Name the teams and year

  5. -1891-

    Am I correct if.....

    Swansea had won they would now be top?
  6. -1891-


    I have real concerns about him. All those cigars he is smoking in that deckchair during a game can’t be doing his health any good at all.
  7. -1891-

    Starting a compost bin

    I used to add tea bags but discovered they have a great amount of plastic in the coatings so avoid.
  8. -1891-

    Does anyone own any unusual pieces of Boro memorabilia

    Not sure if this counts but I once won a signed Dyson cleaner. No joke. The cleaner has since bit the dust but I still have the signed bin bit.
  9. -1891-

    1st Boro hattrick after you were born

    November 10th 1956. Boro 4 - 1 Nottingham Forest Brian Clough. His 18th, 19th and 20th league goals of the season. He had already scored twice in 4 games.