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    Rav … class act on and off the pitch

    Can’t really say much more than what everyone has said already, Rav is just a class act. Fully deserves the accolades he has received.
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    Big fan of his so this is good news. Fantastic professional, keeps himself fit, solid pretty much every game which in this league is no mean feat game after game. Just really like that after all these years he still feels it’s unfinished business getting us promoted.
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    Johnny Bairstow.

    Good knock but if he wants to maintain his test place needs to be playing county cricket over next few weeks. Just seen a hard fought days play between Durham and Essex and two good wicketkeepers playing and doing well as well as others in the division.
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    Leeds losing again

    C’mon Ipswich. Leeds…. Leeds are falling apart again!!!!
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    Voting open for Boro's Player of the Season.

    It’s between Rav, Seny and Jonny for me.
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    Only one thing left to do now for both teams....

    Who needs the playoffs this summer, let’s just go to the beach and watch the beach volleyball team in action 😂
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    Birmingham 2nd bottom

    They did it before when Rowett was previously in charge then brought Zola in and almost went down after being in top 6. I just hope that whatever happens to them, Mogga gets his job back if he wants it. Get well soon Mogga.
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    Sam Greenwood

    I’m guessing this thread is not to compliment greenwood on his fine form!!! I have to say I’m not a fan of his. We are short of decent experienced alternatives unfortunately otherwise he would be on the bench
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull [04/24] Match-Day Thread *

    Norwich to get beat on Saturday, win at Ipswich on Saturday anyone, anyone for the playoff rollercoaster still?!! 😂
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull [04/24] Match-Day Thread *

    No worries apology accepted. And same to you. All good. Thanks I very rarely post on here but I usually try to be reasoned and constructive whether good or bad. Like I say it’s the dangling of the playoffs and being so near yet so far from them that’s got to me haha. Utb
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull [04/24] Match-Day Thread *

    I don’t have fifa 😂😂😂😂
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull [04/24] Match-Day Thread *

    I’m just narked that they tempt us with play offs despite the inconsistencies and rip it away Edit 2-2 get in what a team!!!!
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull [04/24] Match-Day Thread *

    Always happy to be talked down to. You may well be a “well known” member but it does not make you any less or any more of an expert than me. I’m entitled to my opinion without you being condescending about it.
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull [04/24] Match-Day Thread *

    How many of those 7 games have we played well in and on the flip side look at the spells we struggled to win. Just far too inconsistent. By way what does paragraphs have to do with it
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull [04/24] Match-Day Thread *

    Regardless of what happens in the second half, the second half of that first half just sums up our season for me. Too languid and too passive. Get in front play well for a spell then take our foot off pedal and slow play down completely and allow opposition to get back into the game with our...
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    Are you a sports fan or just a football fan ?

    Definitely a sports fan. Got season ticket for the Boro so go to all the home games but take little interest in any other footy now as it’s all about money and people bigging up the premier league. Would rather watch Italian or Spanish football. Prefer cricket to football whether it be England...
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    India v England 5th Test

    Was’nt comparing their achievements to be fair. More the longevity at the top in their respective sports as it’s very rare.
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    Is today too soon for Jones ?

    3 games this week so going to be changes from game to game. Twenty minutes or so cameos off the bench if needed and get him totally right during international break for me
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    India v England 5th Test

    Couldn’t agree more. Still wanting to develop and still keeping up with demands of modern game. Got to marvel at his longevity really can’t see another player doing what he has done. It’s like a Buffon or Giggs in football. Hope he carries on for as long as he wants as he will still be worth his...
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    India v England 5th Test

    I don’t have access to tnt sports so have not followed the series too closely this time round. Can’t wait for the county championship season to start, to get my cricket fix. Fair play to anyone who has sat through the early mornings watching the inevitable defeats after the good start to series.