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    Football Trivia Question ......and politics too!!

    and the right answer is WINGATE AND FINCHLEY FC Best answer given was Liverpool (made me laugh) Closest (without googling) was Rofesleg I can't find any evidence that Wigan or Reading did hold a minutes silence although both owners did try and get the FA to sanction it and were...
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    Football Trivia Question ......and politics too!!

    OK then, a clue . They also seem to be the only club who are also named after a person.
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    Football Trivia Question ......and politics too!!

    Name the only club in the UK to hold a minutes silence to mark the passing of the witch (Margaret Thatcher) ?
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    What point do you stop watching / leave

    Only time I left a game early was away at CHELSEA. We were losing 4-0!!!. Thought I would get home before they announced the result of the Grand National which I'd recorded. Got home and found out the race had been abandoned cos of the false start. What a great day that was.
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    Boro joining new European Superleague?

    I've just been reading that Man Utd, Man City, Tottenham and Chelsea have all released statements that they will not be joining up. I've been looking on our website and the gazette but can't find any statement from Gibson. Come on Gibbo, are we signing up or not? I need to know!!!!
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    Steve Gibson is 65 years of age today

    Does being 65 make you 'Boro Indigenous' though?
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    Anyone else not watch a single minute of the World Cup

    Yep. Not one minute here either, nor any of the qualifiers too. To be honest I am quite looking forward to watching England again, I guess there will be quite a few players I've never heard of now. Not looking for a medal at all or any sort of admiration from any source (although my two sons...
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    What are the boycotters watching?

    I've started the 4 part series 'FIFA Uncovered' on Netflix. First episode was a bit of a history lesson and a tad slow but it's wetted my appetite for the rest. Really glad I've managed to avoid all World cup activity so far but I suppose WFH does help. I'll be looking for some local non...
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    Have you ever cheated at anything?

    Oh Yes.......and I've prospered
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    Anyone know this banksy thief…

    I nicked a piece of art from a derelict building once but am too scared to do anything with it. Its worth between £500 to £1k but just sits wrapped up in my loft. I felt bad to start with but not in the slightest now cos the place was sold a couple of years ago and I walked past and saw...
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    when will TV passes go on sale for tonights match

    It's now showing as "There are currently no Match Passes available" but it allowed me to purchase when I checked at 4.00pm. What's going on ??? Might have to check on the Cardiff website !!!
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    Fao rob admin

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    In theory, a Djed Spence Scenario

    If Spurs won't pay what he's worth, isn't the obvious answer to loan him out Aresnal
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    Leeds Need a Win Tonight

    Has Andrew Marr got a new job. I'm sure it's him commentating
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    Siliki racially abused

    OK. I'll bite. If he wasn't there how was he racially abused? This really is a genuine question
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    Six biggest Championship clubs

    Rather than looking back wouldn't it be better to project forward. Imagine if during the next 100 years Huddersfield/Preston finished every season in 20th position in League 2 and we finished 2nd in the Premier League every season. Huddersfield/Preston would still be a bigger club than us...
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    QPR tickets on sale tomorrow (Thurs 27th)

    Yes, new blocks now released. 3 tickets bought :)
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    QPR tickets on sale tomorrow (Thurs 27th)

    I think a few people may have taken a risk and waited for the bottom tier to be allocated as the view from the rear of the top tier is often very restricted. Here's hoping anyway
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    Arsenal 'interested in signing Forest defender Djed Spence for £10m - but face competition...[Mail]

    Please be Arsenal. I don't fancy driving him all that way to Rome