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  1. Soap McTavish

    Piers Corbyn

    can he play left back?
  2. Soap McTavish

    West Brom Tickets...

    Got em woooohooooooo see you there
  3. Soap McTavish

    West Brom Tickets...

    I’m on 166 please be holding some back for tomorrow
  4. Soap McTavish


    In the run in every player will play their part. Who knows who could score a 90th minute winner at Wembley.
  5. Soap McTavish

    So they do want a fight then -new anti strike laws

    This is where we all need to stick together. No scabs
  6. Soap McTavish

    James Cook

    Theatre staff having to take people straight from ambulances to the theatres Wards having to pull people from all over because there isn’t enough people to staff it Taking 2 hours for staff members to get the drugs for patients because they don’t have the staff which hold the fingerprint...
  7. Soap McTavish

    McGree and Crooks

    Jesus Christ this is hilarious
  8. Soap McTavish

    James McClean Abuse

    He has ira tattoos on his legs. He is an ira supporter. Oh and he’s from Londonderry.
  9. Soap McTavish

    Djed Spence deleted anything Boro related

    Wonder how much we get from a permanent move for him
  10. Soap McTavish

    Madness in Albert Park

    Same day as Sam fender up the road
  11. Soap McTavish

    Steffen not going to the World Cup

    Yet when he was not playing a minute he was in every squad. Modern football stinks
  12. Soap McTavish

    "From the naughty step" to Boro`s beating heart: 14 years of "Red Faction" rf08

    Was only about 3 weeks ago they were punching the head off each other under the Kammy banner
  13. Soap McTavish

    Liz Truss Phone Hacked

    If you think hacking her phone is her fault or is hard your mad.
  14. Soap McTavish

    Won’t be Carrick

    Can’t give him full control. Next
  15. Soap McTavish

    Maybe we need Dyche or Big Sam

    With this defence we need Jesus
  16. Soap McTavish

    Daniel Farke

  17. Soap McTavish

    Song for Gary O'neil

    How about Get out of our club Get out of our club You **** house **** Get out of our club
  18. Soap McTavish

    My poor lad, the bonkers Bichon Frise, is sick ..

    Those lurches are notorious. The same ones killed a pug out my front window a few years ago. I know exactly who you are talking about. Between the black path and flats lane I do not walk my dogs there. Not so long ago the same people were out with them and a crossbow. Strange people. Hope the...
  19. Soap McTavish

    Wilder Rumours

    Rob can tell people who to vote for but please don’t talk about rumours about the manager. Okay…
  20. Soap McTavish

    Wilder Rumours

    He’s now left the training ground. The level of disrespect shown towards us since march is digraceful