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    Only one thing left to do now for both teams....

    It's not over for Hull at all with the game in hand. It was only really a must win game for us.
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    Baby Ollie Davis - murdered by father, not helped by mother

    Horrible scum bags. They should never ever be released.
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    What the h£ll are Preston doing?!?

    They are a really poor team. If they make the playoffs someone should show their **** in Binns window (or whatever the equivalent location would be now). Not me of course because I don't live in the area any more. Any volunteers?
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    Is IT still on?

    First off we have to beat Hull which aint going to be easy. If we don't it's over already. Then it's same again against Ipswich and so on. All five remaining games are hurdles and as soon as we don't clear one the race is over.
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    Next 3 games points

    There is absolutely no chance that we could sneak the playoffs if we were to drop 5 points . Given their better goal difference Norwich would then only need 4 points from 5 games. Even if we won all 5 remaining games we could not catch Norwich if they won 3 of 5. Then there's Coventry and Hull...
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    OFFICIAL: It’s back on

    How many more points might we have had just this year to date if we still had Rogers and Crooks?
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    Away Form

    This. We are pretty hopeless at breaking down teams that sit deep then we get caught on the counter ourselves.
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    What needs to happen over the summer then?

    I can't see one transfer window being enough to bring in the quality we would need to be competitive next season, especially if we were to lose the likes of Hackney, Rav, McGree and Forss. Of the loans I don't think Greenwood or Thomas are the answer. I'm not sure about O'Brien. Ayling depends...
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    Matthew Hoppe

    Unless of course he's injured :)
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    Why bother naming the youths on the bench?

    Exactly this. It's not the time to bring them on when it's tight and you are trying to get something out of the game. If you are winning comfortably the you do it, otherwise you stick with experience whilst there is still a possibility (remote that it is) of getting into the paly offs.
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    Were you there when this happened

    West Stand Upper
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    Hanging my boots up after 44 years

    Fantastic, enjoy your Retirement.
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    Hull Southampton Ipswich Leeds - all guaranteed defeats for us

    Blackburn are a bit of a bogey team for us at the Riverside, we will definitely lose that. In fact I can't see us winning another game this season. How's that? Does that help?
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    Ok if we are to be in the mix...

    It's not on. Granted if we were to win on Tue we would be 5 points behind sixth and it might seem like it but we have to play Southampton, Ipswich, Hull and Leeds. Can't see us picking up enough points there to keep it going plus we'll probably drop points to some of the lesser teams as well.
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    My third away game of the season

    I hope you are going to all the remaining ones.
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    Jonny Howson

    Is it any coincidence that he returns to the team and we win two games? I don't think so. If only he had been available for the Play Offs last season. Who knows we might be in a Premiership relegation scrap now.
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    McGree’s transfer request?

    We already need some quality additions if we are to have any chance of making a serious promotion push next season. If we were to lose some of the better players we currently have then we are into major overhaul/rebuild in the Summer AGAIN. Recent experience tells us that you can't just...
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    "Oh No we benefitted from a dubious ref decision, what will I do........

    Correct. They had a decision go against them so they can feel a bit aggrieved but they were really poor playing with 10 men. Teams should have a plan for coping with the situation but they just didn't, they were woeful after the sending off.
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    Tonight’s MoM

    Yeah we look so much better with Howson playing.
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    Josh Coburn.

    Really? I would have thought Latte Lath would be quicker