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    What would you do with a problem like Dael?

    Would rather have kept Paddy and sold Dael , I'll get my tin hat
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    Why is Mick Hucknall so unpopular?

    This from Wikipedia This is from Wikipedia : The phrase is used to describe someone who self identifies as an anarchist, socialist or communist, whose luxurious lifestyles are ostensibly in conflict with their political beliefs. I thought I'd get more stick the Welsh cat remark 😀
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    Why is Mick Hucknall so unpopular?

    Champagne socialist and Man Utd fan , aswell as owning a cat and being Welsh , I don't know how he could get any worse.
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    * The unofficial "Hurrah for The Red Shirts". Boro v Cardiff City [04/24] Match Day thread *

    Our decision making in the final 3rd of the pitch has been f#cking woeful .
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    Leeds losing again

    My cousins a lifelong Hull fan , I'm cheering on The Tigers
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    Leeds losing again

    Karma Bamford you arrogant cnut
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull [04/24] Match-Day Thread *

    Can someone tell me what exactly what does Greenwood contribute to the team. Dire
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    Will Dwayne Johnson ever become the President of the USA?

    As he's best mates with Oprah , I think he's nailed on. She's got a client list longer than Epstein.
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    What the f#ck is Howson doing at centre half when Djiksteel is on the bench , FFS
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    Copenhagen, things to do and don’t?

    Great tips , I'm going early July , I've booked a hotel ,but have read few poor reviews recently Anyone recommend an alternative.
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    Penny morduant latest tweet

    She's basically saying the same as everyone else, Rishi Sunak is a spineless w#nker , who daren't say boo to a goose .
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    Kalvin Phillips

    "Hope he learns from his mistakes " 2018 , didn't make substitutions early enough, then made the wrong ones. 2020 , didn't make substitutions early enough, then made the wrong ones. 2022 ,didn't make substitutions early enough, then made the wrong ones. Yawn
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    Kalvin Phillips

    With the players available we should have won a trophy by now , overly defensive and predictable.
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    Kalvin Phillips

    Southgate is the football equivalent of Rishi Sunak , hasn't got a clue what he's doing. Believe me , only an injury to either of them will stop them being on the plane in June.
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    And I thought Boundary Park was Cold!

    Apart from both poles , there is nowhere colder on this earth than Darlington railway station, even when the sun is shining it doesn't break double figures.
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    * The Unofficial “Official” Boro v Norwich [03/24] Match-Day Thread *

    Couldn't agree more , last year Mcgree had great close control , showed deft touches and could find the killer pass now and again . Can't believe I'm watching the same player.
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    If Keir Starmer is Prime Minister later this year, what can we expect from Labour to make this country better?

    Tories have f#cked this country completely forever . Hope he puts massive taxes on energy companies And brings Amazon and other tax dodgers to book . Otherwise he's got very little room for manoeuvre.