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  1. Ste43

    What’s your fave Nirvana song?

    Plateau - Unplugged
  2. Ste43

    If you could talk to your teenage self

    Buy Bitcoin early, look out for Tesla shares....
  3. Ste43

    David Moyes

    You'd be surprised, London club, massive stadium and recently won a European trophy...and don't forget they won the world cup
  4. Ste43

    Anyone think houchen will get back in?

    A lot of people are saying the same thing but I dint think this is gonna be high up on the list of priorities for an incoming Labour government. Lets not forget there is no love lost between McDonald and Starmer either, that dynamic could affect the urgency in which NAO are involved. Lets say...
  5. Ste43

    Anyone think houchen will get back in?

    Labour dropped the ball on Teesside, they had a great opportunity to make a statement that would have been seen on a national level and could even of sparked an early GE. Politics at the moment like it or not, is based on optics and a bit of showmanship... I have no doubt Chris McEwan is a...
  6. Ste43

    Anyone think houchen will get back in?

    He's only won by sheer apathy! The turn out is so low, most who backed him last time clearly don't want to again but can't bring themselves to go out and vote for someone else... For me its as bad a reflection on local Labour as it is on Ben Houchen.
  7. Ste43


    I did hear a rumour that a deal was being done with Brighton...seems like the type of club that would be looking for a Hackney type.
  8. Ste43

    First, Current, All Time

    Gary Hamilton Matt Clarke Nigel Pearson
  9. Ste43

    Small in stature footballers

    Georgi Kinkladze Paul Scholes
  10. Ste43

    What has been your most ‘rock and roll’ moment?

    Sang at a TFM roadshow when I was about 15 (1994), I was not good, I cannot sing but it was a pretty big crowd and a great memory to look back on
  11. Ste43

    Grip socks, sock sleeves and mini shin pads. WTF?

    I moved to full sized (same size a normal footy socks) grip socks last season and they are great to be honest. The mini shin pads are used exclusively by the quicker more skilful lads in our team, the rest of us cloggers wear "normal" sized pads 😁
  12. Ste43

    Anyone know a good Indian restaurant in Newcastle ?

    Been to Rani a few times, always enjoyed it
  13. Ste43


    I had the same experience with anaesthetics, could feel him knifing my sack then pulling my insides out, when I jumped he went wild with the needle and I didn't feel anything down there for 3 days...he did start with the classic "didn't realise it was that cold today" upon first glance at my...
  14. Ste43

    Colombo, Kojak, or?

    Quincy for me
  15. Ste43

    Best ever sci fi space ship?

    Original Battlestar Galactica
  16. Ste43

    Andy Preston brain fart

    Playing devils advocate and ready for some pelters on this, I think what he was suggesting was: Whilst someone is waiting for their asylum claim to be processed they can undertake work in return for healthcare, accommodation, legal support, etc... and keep 20% of what they earn in cash terms...
  17. Ste43

    Gareth to Man U ???

    Why is he going to Man U then? 😁
  18. Ste43

    New Champions League format

    I don't agree Ironops...remember teams getting drawn against Galatasaray "welcome to hell". Used to make some of best players in the world **** their pants 😁. Id rather see minnows have a shot over 2 legs than the sterile stuff served up now...
  19. Ste43

    New Champions League format

    Think I am stuck in the past but would love to go back to the European Cup. Only league winners, can get drawn against anyone and all ties over 2 legs. Money talks of course
  20. Ste43

    And about time. Blue cards.

    Criticism should not stop them from continuing to make the correct decisions. It should be completely irrelevant to them. As long as the governing body support them and not pander to the "experts" by taking games off them etc... it would become the norm.