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    Steve Gibson's fmttm Q and A - Thursday

    Hi Rob this is a really great idea and I hope it will be well attended. However it isn’t accessible for those of us who don’t live in the area as Bristol-boro has already highlighted. It’s a frustration for those of us who don’t live in the area. For my daughter and I to attend it means taking...
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    So it's hair is beginning to depart 😭😭😭

    I totally get how you are feeling and have been through this myself. I was the same not usually bothered making much of an effort, but when the choice is taken away I was wanting curls and french plaits. But I will say this it grows back and even better than before! You are right about bald...
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    35 years ago today

    Yes i remember getting on the travel coach back to Boro and it just being silent all the way home. Cant’t believe it is so long ago RIP to the 97
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    So AET is our good luck charm

    He won’t mind me saying this as he is currently searching for his car in Birmingham but every away game he goes to we win! I feel I have to sacrifice my ticket to keep the run going! UTB
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Birmingham City [03/24] Match-Day Thread *

    Omg @Aet290204 you need to replace me as a substitute every game
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    I always say this to you but hang on in there. We and the Liverpool based Boro one are going to Soho on Saturday no question about it.
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    Good news gang!!

    You have made my day! Brilliant news take good care of yourself
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    Did you know it was national covid day of reflection day

    I lost my best friend, my friend lost her son. Never got to say goodbye. Time has moved on but it never eases the pain. Thoughts with everyone who suffered during this terrible time
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    Will Everton points deduction stand ??

    Can I offer a different perspective? Firstly I agree that Everton need to be accountable along with others over any breach of rules. Secondly my daughter works for Everton. She is a season ticket holder at Boro home & away couldn’t care less about Everton on the pitch. But she has rent/bills to...
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    Candlelight concerts

    We went to the Coldplay one at Roundhay Park & the Adele one at York Minster. Both brilliant
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    I fkn hate my life

    My heart goes out to you. Take good care of yourself
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    Red Faction - walking out on 30th minute

    I am sure AET Is grateful for your lift but they are debating like an adult.And it is a debate - differing opinions and views welcome. Topsy turvy view of the world comment is harsh given what AET has shared previously. You don’t need to agree but be kind.And yes that works both ways.
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    Charity Giving Adverts at Christmas

    Exactly this
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    Charity Giving Adverts at Christmas

    The charity I work for employs well over 2000
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    Charity Giving Adverts at Christmas

    I agree. I also work for a charity in a national role Our CEO also gets the cause & has genuinely influenced change in our field of work. Also volunteers are employed in so many different roles & for many different reasons.
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    First single you bought

    Don’t you want me - Human League
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    🇦🇹Devon - Travel updates🇦🇹

    2 members of our party have finally made it to Plymouth from York & Liverpool both had trains trains cancelled & had to get bus from Taunton. UTB
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    Fans Gallery - fame at last.

    I told you to behave! You wouldn’t have been looking at your phone if Riley had been playing 😜
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    FAO Red Faction

    We were also on the train back to York with the majority being Birmingham fans in good spirits sharing views about the game & the season going forward. It’s how it should be.
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    Meanwhile in Lincolnshire...