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  1. Markviduka

    Fontaines D.C.

    Unreal band. Their gig In stockton a couple of years ago was immense. Their first Album was brilliant also
  2. Markviduka

    Good deal (legal) on Sky Cinema

    Where’s the nearest vue cinema 🤷
  3. Markviduka

    The great air fryer con

    May I add they are not cheaper to run than the oven. Tracker the usage on our smart app, days which it was used our usage had gone up dramatically.
  4. Markviduka

    Indipendent Taxis in Teesside

    Buster… he’s independent.
  5. Markviduka

    Playoffs starting to disappear over the horizon

    Six points off the drop as it stands.. i think they’ve well and truly disappeared.
  6. Markviduka

    Matt Crooks

    Has a fee been mentioned?
  7. Markviduka

    To Catch a Copper C4

    Surely missed the fact he stated he’d been drinking vodka… ohh and he’d been arrested for climbing through someone’s window. Did he bang his head on landing? Is the message here don’t climb through peoples windows.
  8. Markviduka

    To Catch a Copper C4

    Episode 2 tonight, personally didn’t see anything wrong with the policing. I think they got it spot on.
  9. Markviduka

    Genuine ITK info.. with a catch

    Any late flights into Teesside??
  10. Markviduka


    Moneys too tight to mention
  11. Markviduka

    Sleep problems

    Magnesium tablets work for me, maybe worth a go
  12. Markviduka

    McGree and Silvera

    Pla Play Friday, can’t see them been back on Sunday and available
  13. Markviduka

    Striker playing in Germany

    They all look dog dirt
  14. Markviduka

    Genuine ITK info.. with a catch

    Or a Loganair flight stopping at Teesside en route to Aberdeen, carrying a load of wraggy **** oil workers.
  15. Markviduka

    Podcasts ranked.

    Mince is brilliant if start at about episode 30. Spotify or similar
  16. Markviduka

    Podcasts ranked.

    Atletico mince All the NOISER podcasts - real dictators, Short history of…, Scotland Yard confidential is superb. Napoleon. John Hopkins is the narrator, they’re great. Anything goes with James English
  17. Markviduka

    Spotlight on Riley McGree

    He’s away in the summer if we don’t get promoted
  18. Markviduka

    India v England - 1st Test

    Lacking match practice..the preparation for this has been woeful.
  19. Markviduka

    Aussie Day

    As a resident of James Cook's birthplace, I am appalled by these actions.
  20. Markviduka

    New improved rogers bid

    Sell him and get Morgan Whittaker