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    April's goal of the month vote - Latte Lath vs Leeds
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    Cole Palmer or Phil Foden?

    Foden by quite some distance
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    Sunderland 0 Sheffield Wednesday 2.

    Im fairly certain their hatred of newcastle is born out of a need to try and make themselves relevant these days. Rivalaries come from competing with one another and lets be honest they are levels apart and have been for many years now. Both clubs have completely different ambitions. Newcastle...
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    Are you trying to say the opposite of what you said???? 🤔🤷
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    Crowd versus Watford tomorrow

    How many did watford bring?
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    His wife and her parents were sat behind me at the game today. Not sure where they're from but they had strong south accents. He's been a fantastic signing in a position we were struggling with. Its a great signing if true.
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    Sunderland 0 Sheffield Wednesday 2.

    They make up their attendances too. The number of games I've seen where the ground is half empty and they claim tgere is 41k there is remarkable.
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    London stabbing

    I would guess that police carrying conventional firearms didnt arrive until the subject had already been arrested.
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    Smooch cabins

    Im not into imsgining how I was conceived. Each to their own though.
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    Player of the month vote - Matt Clarke

    Matt Clarke has been short listed for player of the month. You can vote on the link below
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    This is a very hard thread to write

    Very sorry to hear what has happened. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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    If we had all players available would you start Clarke?

    So Leninhan is the answer to our CDM position 😍 I've never really considered this, mainly because McNair always springs to mind when thinking about moving a CD into MF
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    Leicester in trouble

    FFP is a catch 22 situation. Whilst it stops teams spending more than they can afford (aka portsmouth) it really does monopolise and give the top clubs even more of an advantage.
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    If we had all players available would you start Clarke?

    I think Clarke is the best CH at the club followed by RVB and Lenihan.
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    1 goal conceded in the last 5 games

    I absolutely love this lad. He wins everything in the air. You can see why he's won so many player of the season awards at his previous clubs.
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    A message from Michael to Boro fans

    Is that the clubs official twitter account?
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    Does anyone have an original white Heritage Hampers.....

    That would require an impressive diet
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    Does anyone have an original white Heritage Hampers.....

    Boro shirt they are willing to sell? Ideally in a large size and decent condition.
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    Transfer market value: £181 Million, but still facing a fire sale and financial uncertainty.

    Bit unfair on Leicester that Thomas has not been added to that list. The negative equity he brings would even things out a fair bit and offer a lot more balance to those books.
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    Most underrated premier player ever

    Defenders are always underrated. A world class defender will never get the level of plaudits that an attacking player receives.