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    One Hull ticket wanted please

    I’ve got a spare adult ticket available for £20 if you would like to collect at the ground? I’m driving down from Teesside at around 4:30
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    Carling Cup Celebration 29th Feb at Boro Town Hall

    I have two tickets seated next to each other available for this as I now can’t go unfortunately. Just looking for the £125 I paid for the pair if anyone is interested.
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    Your most obscure Boro 11

    Carlos De Pena!
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    Zack Steffen

    I liked Steffen and would’ve been happy for him to return but have to say Dieng has been a brilliant signing for such an agreeable fee. I’d argue Dieng has a number of attributes stronger than Steffen/more suited to Championship football too. I also think our approach at playing out from the...