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  1. J


    he must be the best keeper in the league, makes us play higher up and great on the ball ?
  2. J

    Matty Nixon is better than Drury

    what difference does it make who commentates 🤷🏼‍♂️it’s the result that matters , dear me
  3. J

    Neil Warnock - Aberdeen

    no more than this
  4. J

    Dan Badpasser

    that lad from leicester needs taking back
  5. J

    Glover = Not good enough

    who on earth said that plonker,no 33 is better than engel , who scouted him ffs 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. J


    it was just for a laugh as you say, UTB!
  7. J


    good point 🤣
  8. J


    i hope we score the in the 32nd minute on saturday and win 1-0 UTB
  9. J

    Red Faction - walking out on 30th minute

    what difference will it make …. none , just don’t turn up if you’re not happy UTB
  10. J

    All Stands walk out on 30 minutes

    craic on i’m there to watch the match nowt else UTB
  11. J

    premier league

    do you reckon we would have done any better than burnley and sheff u? have done so far ?, i’m discounting luton as i thinks they’ve exceeded expectations ?
  12. J

    Team for Sunderland

    our best centre half by far is mc nair but it looks like he’s out of the picture now , but i’d play him
  13. J

    Deal accepted for Morgan Rogers.

    i’m taking back all those christmas words i sung after the west brom game then
  14. J

    Rav's gonna be watching

  15. J

    latte lath

    any news if he’ll be involved at chelsea?
  16. J

    On a night of very few positives: Morgan Rogers

    mcGree wants away
  17. J

    I do like Matt Clarke

    far too slow , not good enough
  18. J

    Morgan Rogers

    our medical team must be awful, surely the injuries can’t all be so serious 🧐
  19. J

    slow defence

    i’d beat fry and clarke in a foot race and i’m 48 on monday UTB
  20. J

    Friends. Not the TV programme.

    most of my close mates are from where i grew up( whinney banks) i still drink with them and attend boro games with them, been going to the matches with 3 of them since 88 still do now, got a few mates outside of that circle who are good pals aswell. UTB