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    Leeds could clinch promotion at riverside

    Was that goal on 101 Greatest Goals?
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    How many of us NEVER saw a game at Ayresome Park?

    Used to go in The Holgate, right at the back in the middle. My mate would always start off the BEEEEEE OOHHHH... Then on some midweek games we used to jump the turnstiles in the North stand
  4. hewielewie

    Dave Myers Hairy Biker RIP

    RIP Dude ☹️
  5. hewielewie

    FMTTM Coffee Club

    Right Said Fred look different to how I remember them!
  6. hewielewie

    FMTTM Coffee Club

    Do one of these in Donny and I am up for it :)
  7. hewielewie

    O’Neil or Wilder
  8. hewielewie

    O’Neil or Wilder

    Wasn't it when he was co-hosting a Talksport segment?
  9. hewielewie

    Doncaster City FC

    Short term contracts, they played top of the league on Saturday
  10. hewielewie

    Doncaster City FC

    Signed Wes Hoolihan, Ross McCormack and Charlie Mulgrew
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    Tory Party Political Broadcast

    Not seen a thread on it. Any comments on it?
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    Sunak - Is Just unbelievable

    'As a mother, I can imagine the trauma that Esther Ghey has endured.' When was her daughter lured into the woods and stabbed 28 times?
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    A day in the life of Greg Wallace

    Loves a Harvester too
  14. hewielewie

    A day in the life of Greg Wallace

    Comes across as really nice bloke.
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    Masters of the Air

    My Grandad was a radio operator in a Fortress in World War 2. One day he was ill and couldn't go on a mission. His plane didn't come back.
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    Deal accepted for Morgan Rogers.

    Of course it is mad. You are comparing deals on two different things with a different buyer and a different seller.
  17. hewielewie

    Deal accepted for Morgan Rogers.

    £10 million would be an excellent deal considering how much we paid and what his experience is.
  18. hewielewie

    Deal accepted for Morgan Rogers.

    So what would you have asked for?
  19. hewielewie

    Deal accepted for Morgan Rogers.

    No time?
  20. hewielewie

    Big man / little man

    Sid Little and Eddie Large?