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  1. Ironops

    Most Important Bands of AT

    The New York Dolls
  2. Ironops

    England win Euros/Boro get promoted

    Boro - its not even a consideration
  3. Ironops

    What does Middlesbrough need to do to become a city?

    It would attract 2m visitors a year.
  4. Ironops

    What does Middlesbrough need to do to become a city?

    with a combined population of nearly 350k they would already be a city if the whole place was just called Teesside
  5. Ironops

    Greenwood and Silvera

    Im afraid Ive not seen anything from Silvera to suggest he's any good - I hope Im wrong but he was cheap and is probably on small wages. Greenwood looked a proper player earlier in the season but hasnt done anything in a while, but is probably on good money so would be more of a risk. Leeds...
  6. Ironops

    Ripley - Netflix

    It’s superb.
  7. Ironops

    Ifollow gone from next season

    And Id rather give my money directly to the club
  8. Ironops

    Ifollow gone from next season

    Yes, Ive got a...erm... mate who lives abroad, in Italy most of the time occasionally Luxembourg and he bought a season pass directly from the club, he should be ok by the looks of this.
  9. Ironops

    Ifollow gone from next season This would seem to confirm it
  10. Ironops

    Ifollow gone from next season

    Does this mean no video season ticket for fans based abroad? Article says 'domestic' live coverage
  11. Ironops

    Latte Lath

    He's starting to look like the real deal thats for sure, but he needs better service - both from a proper 10 behind him and also from the wider players, it doesnt feel like the rest of the team around him have been that good during his recent purple patch. We still need another striker, maybe...
  12. Ironops

    Normalising an impending war…

    If it got really serious with Russia I dont think it would be much of a war - its clear they have been spending their defence budget on yachts in the med for decades, have they really been keeping a nuclear arsenal up to date? They couldnt hold back a Ukraine advance until the US stopped...
  13. Ironops

    How bad is Drury ?

    I quite like him but it is a slightly odd pairing with Maddison - who would suit someone who is maybe a bit more blood and thunder enthusiastic, like he is. Also sometimes they are clearly not on the same wavelength.
  14. Ironops

    Chopped wife into 224 pieces

    The death penalty doesn't solve anything, it just satiates societies blood lust and need for revenge, it has zero deterrent effect in reducing crime and reduces us as a society to the level of the killer. You talk about it in the circumstances of this particular crime as if this is an unusual...
  15. Ironops

    So, Ryan Giles.....

    As above, Jones should have a field day against him, plus Jones is a better defender. Giles can cross a ball but thats about it - he's still better than Engel though
  16. Ironops

    Anyone think houchen will get back in?
  17. Ironops

    Anyone think houchen will get back in?

    The usual ones that always start with ‘I’ve no interest in politics…’
  18. Ironops

    Anyone think houchen will get back in? According to this betting website he’s going to lose. Saw a poll recently that said the same Fingers crossed
  19. Ironops

    Luke Thomas - Sign Him!

    Engel isnt good enough, Bangura might be if he's ever fit On this basis Thomas seems a decent option and I believe he will improve the more he plays
  20. Ironops

    Those first six games of this season…

    Starters yes, a forward, a 10 and a CM - I’d also like to see us upgrade at LB My fear is that we will sign more development players who take 6 months to bed in and done of which aren’t good enough