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  1. The Card Cheat

    Police and CPS had key DNA evidence 16 years before Andrew Malkinson cleared of rape

    I think only a tiny, tiny minority of those in the organisations who convict criminals are definitively corrupt, but I believe a culture has evolved where results, statistics and finances are everything. I believe because of this often, what becomes important is that someone is convicted of a...
  2. The Card Cheat

    Where would you live around Darlington?

    Skerne Park. It's class man.😉 I tell you where is nice and ridiculously cheap to buy a house Cockfield, and the villages around it. Lovely area too, about 20/25 minutes from Darlington.
  3. The Card Cheat

    Where in the world am I?

    Aren't these the same place?
  4. The Card Cheat

    What book are you currently reading?

    I've read them all, see above.⬆️ Really good, not exactly Ibsen but very enjoyable.👍
  5. The Card Cheat

    What book are you currently reading?

    I only read stuff off me wife's kindle, so I'm currently reading...."Vera Wongs unsolicited advice for Murderers." 😳 It's actually rather good.👌
  6. The Card Cheat

    Does anyone else wonder where the time has gone?

    Whenever I think "how did get to this age already!" , I remind myself the alternative is being dead.
  7. The Card Cheat


    You’ve got your own thread on RR now @atypical_boro…just one of 5 different threads about fmttm and its posters on the first page of its general discussion section. They have an obsession that would make Harry Styles stalker think “that’s taking it a bit far”.
  8. The Card Cheat

    Well said Grimsby, hope others follow

    B is literally the maddest idea regarding football I've ever heard. I like it.😎
  9. The Card Cheat

    Emi Martinez

    I think he's brilliant. Love a bit of the old housery!
  10. The Card Cheat

    Emi Martinez

    He got one for wasting time...when the ball wasn't dead. He had the ball at his feet in open play, and was waiting for play to open up, and the ref booked him🤦
  11. The Card Cheat


    I had a look at redroar out of interest after Geoff got banned, and couldn't help but notice that Erimus is absolutely slagging this site off on there, which he's entirely entitled to do. But not sure the feelings of admiration and respect shown here towards him are mutual. By the way they are...
  12. The Card Cheat

    No Ayling and Greenwood v dirties so what do we go with

    I think that bird has flown. I'd go 3.5.2. Jones and Bangura wing backs. Azaz just behind Latte Lath.
  13. The Card Cheat

    Haaland & KDB

    It wasn't actually that bad a penalty, 9 times out of 10 the keeper dives to one side, and the ball goes where the keeper was stood. The Madrid keeper was brave enough to just stand still, and Silva ends up looking daft.
  14. The Card Cheat

    Best/Worst abusive songs sung at opposition players

    I remember reading that Rangers fans sang to recently diagnosed schizophrenic and Rangers keeper Andy Goram "There's only two Andy Gorams."
  15. The Card Cheat

    City/Real and Arsenal/Bayern

    I'm guessing you're right but that's a mad rule, what if the gadgie who had the ball decides to stick the ball up his jumper and run off into the rainy Manchester night, would they have to wait until he was apprehended by the local bobbies/cancel the penalty shootout? I may be overthinking this....
  16. The Card Cheat

    City/Real and Arsenal/Bayern

    How come they only had one ball!? Even when I play in the old decrepit and completely knackered league ever we have a spare!
  17. The Card Cheat

    City/Real and Arsenal/Bayern

    It was Noni Madueke and Nicholas Jackson fighting over who was going to take the penalty apparently..
  18. The Card Cheat

    Kieran Scott’s recruitment really coming to fruition now

    Nobody saw it at all? I saw it immediately and regularly posted about how good he obviously was. Check if you want. He never looked crap, its just some people are crap at judging footballers. This myth that he rarely did it for us is also complete bollox. 16 goal contributions in all...
  19. The Card Cheat

    Mrs Vacuous Strikes Again

    That is insane. It's either an unbelievably stupid and ignorant choice, or she is deliberately paying homage to Adolf Hitler. I'm genuinely not sure which one it is... Edit - think I may have a whoosh moment. 🤦 It genuinely didn't suprise me, when I thought she might have called it that though!😂
  20. The Card Cheat

    Kieran Scott’s recruitment really coming to fruition now

    Yep. Even played out of position it was obvious to anyone who actually watches the game, rather than just say what everyone else is saying that he had some fantastic attributes. Me and thee knew.