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    MFC Retail Answers Above

    Absolutely bang on, this was my immediate thought when I read her replies. Absolute basics. 💯
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    IF Carrick goes...

    Recent Gazette talk re his contract extension etc, he isn't going anywhere imo.
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Preston [02/24] Match-Day Thread *

    Agree re Dijksteel, some of those simple passes were so sloppy and lazy
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    Free subscriptions to apple tv

    All of the above are very good. Tehran also. Some of the series are niche but just as good, if not better than many Netflix series
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Port Vale. Caraboa Cup, Quarter-Final, Match-Day Thread *

    Crooks looks well of the pace, and not surprising with recent workload...would love to see some energy and one of the young lads in there instead, game has passed Crooks by at times
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    No Rav :(
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    Men's Suits

    Another shout for Dandy Threads in Guisborough. Family run, superb set up and very knowledgeable.
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    Good Chinese takeaway that’ll deliver to Acklam please

    East Ocean, theres a blast from the past! Was a nice spot in its day from what i remember
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    How many Play Off spots are left?

    Coberán seems to have got things the click at Hawthorns, thing WBA are a shout for autos
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    Best Steak Teesside area

    Sutton Arms, Faceby🤤
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    Apple+ tv progs

    Tehran Slow Horses You won't be disappointed
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    Big big fan of Dieng, superb so far. Love how vocal he is too, noticed it first in Millwall game and he's always the same. Class act
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    Schiphol 55 minutes

    It's immigration not security
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    Under occupancy in the Family Zone

    Its a few quid cheaper I believe..though that's not the reason I sit there, primarily, its a better experience for the bairn. This season per match I've paid £29 for me and £15 for my son. I generally pop down the ticket office Mon/Tues of match week and have got tickets in there without a hassle.
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    Under occupancy in the Family Zone

    Not sure how sold out it is, as I have bought walk up tickets to every home game this season in GRFZ
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    Interest in club

    So the source of this said rumour is ....? 🤷‍♂️
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    Kieran Scott

    Agree massively with this, and I think it's a point which is regularly overlooked. Danks' Villa connections and reputation with Archer and Ramsey was key to those signings.
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    No Half Season Tickets

    The club are persistently failing with one element of all of their comms with fans. " The Why?" When communicating change you really ought to communicate a reqson why if you are to obtain understanding and buy in from your target audience. Its business and comms 101 surely! Failure to...
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    Why can't you still by a ticket for Auxere game

    Wouldn't suprise me if close to a sell out, with only west stand open
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    This new 'character'

    Absolute idiot. Selected ignore after seeing first few threads.