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    Footballers’ crimes and punishment

    Killand Kidnappé
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    Early Retirement.

    I don't want to be contrary. I also make small overpayments, but overpaying a mortgage isn't neccessarily the best way of paying it off. The interest rate is typically low so it may make more sense to pay the amount you were going to overpay into a pension as a regular voluntary contribution...
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    If you could go back and re watch any LEAGUE game in our history.What game would you pick?

    Yeah I was there that night - the next day at school someone thought we won 1-0 as there was a disallowed goal and they missed the restart due to the celebrations. Then obviously with the team celebrating promotion they just assumed we had won!!
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    If you could go back and re watch any LEAGUE game in our history.What game would you pick?

    The Brighton game - I still say the atmosphere that day was the best I have ever heard at the Riverside. There were some special nights at Ayresome, but the Brighton game was amazing. My son was a bit too young to understand the significance at the time, but he has been hooked since.
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    My thirty seconds of fame

    Bovine Zenden
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    I'll never forget, not long after we signed him and I think it was one of his early starts. On the way out of the match, just outside the navvy, this bloke spotted his mate across the crowd and shouted to him "what did I tell ya about McGree - never a footballer in a million years". The...
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    Bit of fun... can you identify this player? Trust me, it's Big Al
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    Bit of fun... can you identify this player?

    Alan Kernaghan
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    Be very, very careful what people tell you about Electric Vehicles.

    Thanks for your detailed reply, because like I said my next car won't be a Tesla because I can't afford the lease prices now compared to when I got mine. So, I have been looking at other makes and I think I have been spoilt by the Tesla Supercharging - I very rarely worry about charging. I just...
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    Be very, very careful what people tell you about Electric Vehicles.

    Yes, I'm also interested in this. When did you buy your car? Did you have a home charger? What was the range of your car? How many miles a week were you doing and how long were your average trips? Did you have a brand that was compatible to use the Tesla Supercharger network? I am lucky enough...
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    Electric Ovens

    The guy that fixed it was really good and showed me how easy it was. He said some can be a pain and you have to access them from the back, but mine was a doddle.
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    Adverts on Netflix, Amazon

    I cancelled Amazon and Audible off the back of this because it is pure greed. I don't even watch that much on Prime video, but I am getting sick of these big companies turning the screw for every last penny. It's capitalism and as other have said they have shareholders to please, but at some...
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    Electric Ovens

    In the end I got it repaired - £78 so a lot cheaper than buying a new un.
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    American reworkings of British TV

    Yep, same here. Loved it.
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    Electric Ovens

    My main oven has just died with a whimper. It's lasted around 10 years, but I'm going to have to open the warchest and swoop for a new one before tomorrow's transfer deadline. I do have an air fryer which I use a lot of the time, but there are times I need the oven so it needs replacing...
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    Australian Traitors

    I really enjoyed this - I am just starting series 2. I preferred it to the UK version. The clairvoyant and the lawyer were hilarious. The lawyer treated every episode like a courtroom drama.
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    Online language learning Apps

    I use Duolingo to learn Franch. I did this for a bit and then supplemented it with some night school classes. It is quite good, but be prepared for a lot of repetition. This might be a good thing I suppose, but I learnt a lot more in an hour with a tutor than I do in a week with Duolingo. I...
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    Villa bid for Morgan Rogers

    This is a very good point. I'm a big fan of Rogers - I think he will develop into a very good player. I would have liked it to be with us, but when we can make a significant profit in a few months it makes total sense to cash in. If we are going to buy young players on their way up then we have...
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    Interesting Tactical Video

    Interesting tactical video here on last nights match. Coburn did a lot of work cutting out the passing lanes to Caciedo...constantly looking over his shoulder for him. I hope it doesnt show up in Pochettino's Youtube feed. 😬