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  1. Littlejimmy

    The weekend beer and music thread

    Evening all. Been a bit of a strange week with starting a new job and not really getting going, I'm sure it will pick up. On the caffeine free diet coke with fake rum, and just back from the cinema where I saw Civil War, which I really liked. Very intense and a great soundtrack, including this...
  2. Littlejimmy

    Most Important Bands of AT

    Not gonna state the obvious... Haas anyone mentioned Radiohead? I'd say they were pretty influential.
  3. Littlejimmy

    The end?

    The woman is a complete loony. Shouldn't be anywhere near such a position.
  4. Littlejimmy

    Songs with dates in them

    From the same album.
  5. Littlejimmy

    Very memorable bass lines

    This was the other one I was going to mention. Derek Forbes really was brilliant, especially as he was self-taught.
  6. Littlejimmy

    Very memorable bass lines

    U2 - New Years Day
  7. Littlejimmy

    Spooky coincidences

    I'm sure the conspiracy loons are all over this one.
  8. Littlejimmy

    The end?

    So basically, everything is ****ed. Cool.😭😱🤢😬🤣🙈🤬🤦‍♂️🤔😁
  9. Littlejimmy

    The weekend beer and music thread!

    I really, really love this music. Can happily drift off with this on headphones.
  10. Littlejimmy

    The weekend beer and music thread!

    Evening ladies and gents, hope you're all well. I just finished at my job today and start a new on Monday. Busy weekend ahead with choir stuff. On the Beavertown Lazer Crush AF again. This is my musical offering, heard it used to very good effect at the end of an episode of 3 Body Problem, which...
  11. Littlejimmy

    Petition to Seek to Agree a Touring Music Visa Scheme with the EU

    This and things like Erasmus were offered by the EU but were turned down by our cunch of bunts. It was needless, nasty, vindictive vandalism.
  12. Littlejimmy

    This is a very hard thread to write

    Blimey, VAN. I bet this has been a shock to the system. I've had my own heart issues and had a triple bypass in November 21, and can safely say the NHS is a miracle, and the people on here are a great source of moral support. Fingers crossed that you get the right treatment ASAP and are back on...
  13. Littlejimmy

    Most Attractive Female Vocalists

    The Pierces (sisters Allison and Catherine) are rather lovely and pretty talented to boot. Talking of Sharday, I remember seeing her on Live Aid I think it was and asking who this Sade person was, pronouncing it like Fade.
  14. Littlejimmy

    The weekend beer and music thread

    Happy Friday one and all. A tribute to my parents' little West Highland terrier who they had put to sleep this week. He was a proper character and loved by everyone (except other bigger dogs he'd try and sort out!). Just had a can of Beavertown Lazer Crush AF IPA, which is a really nice drop.
  15. Littlejimmy

    What has been your most ‘rock and roll’ moment?

    Probably, yes. It was a little less rock and roll because the microphone was so low and I wasn't allowed to touch it so had to bend forward to sing into it. No swinging it by the lead round my head! It helped my nerves a bit too, not being able to see the crowd properly. My other one would be...
  16. Littlejimmy

    New Taskmaster

    Yes, he and Elis James do a podcast-only show on BBC now which used to be live show on 5 Live and Radio X before that. He did a short run of a quiz show called Beat the Internet on Dave a while back. I'm sure he's also good pals with Alex Horne and does a YouTube channel about golf with him.
  17. Littlejimmy

    Andrew's Take Away Stockton

    For a moment I thought this was about the chinless, incel sex-trafficker who got owned by Greta Thunberg when ordering pizza in Romania.
  18. Littlejimmy


    They sound (excuse the pun) right up my street. I am very noise sensitive, especially in certain environments. I've just ordered some Experience Plus.
  19. Littlejimmy

    Normalising an impending war…

    Another cheerful F***ing thread after the H5N1 virus one. I chose a hell of a year to give up drinking!
  20. Littlejimmy


    All very interesting but I'm fascinated by the scale of difference between a million and a billion, which is quite hard to grasp. 1 Million seconds equals about 11 and a half days; 1 Billion seconds, on the other hand, equals approximately 31 years and 6 months!