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  1. Anybody4aBeer

    He will learn from this

    It’s getting beyond a joke now. Especially when it comes to the keeper. The defence have no confidence in him so they sit deeper, and he doesn’t talk. This one is purely Down to Carrick as Dieng has been on the bench for weeks, so he’s clearly fit. He’s getting so much wrong recently it’s...
  2. Anybody4aBeer

    Villa Attendance

    Well Villa asked for extra tickets and were given them, so they they’re bringing 5200 now. So hopefully a decent crowd.
  3. Anybody4aBeer

    Villa Attendance

    Is that 28.5k seats in total or excluding villa fans, think they had 4500 so would be about 1000 segregation, which would make sense. However as you say, never know what the club are doing
  4. Anybody4aBeer

    Chelsea tickets

    only just over 4000 left, so I'd imagine around 30,000 there, by the time of the game
  5. Anybody4aBeer

    Villa Attendance

    There are just over 7000 tickets available showing on the ground map now, so with segregation you'd imagine we'd be looking at around 25,000 providing Villa have sold out.
  6. Anybody4aBeer

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Port Vale. Caraboa Cup, Quarter-Final, Match-Day Thread *

    No Van Den Berg tonight, so probably Clarke and Fry at CB
  7. Anybody4aBeer

    Leave the world behind

    I thought it was 2 hours of my life i'll never get back. Had some good ratings so thought i'd give it a watch, totally pointless film
  8. Anybody4aBeer

    England u21s

    Quality of the stream is awful. When did the U21’s get relegated to a stream only. Used to be biggish games, and would be live on a decent channel
  9. Anybody4aBeer

    Are all Tories t**ts or just their elected representatives?

    He's been a disaster as the PM, but I lived in Stokesley for many a year before moving to London, and Rishi was a decent MP at local level. Funny enough I was only there for 1 election when he stood and Voted Lib Dems. He must have been doing something well, as all the racists hated him.
  10. Anybody4aBeer

    Soooo.... Whats Hackney's valuation?

    Agree with that. I still think his and Howson's injury's are the main reason we went off the boil last season
  11. Anybody4aBeer

    Soooo.... Whats Hackney's valuation?

    The point about getting itchy feet is a valid one. You just need to look at Fry, He was linked with lots of premier league clubs and never moved. Can't say any will still be sniffing around now. Although I guess you also have the example of Gibson. Had a couple of nightmare seasons after moving...
  12. Anybody4aBeer

    Sunderland fans interviewed...

    I can guarantee you there are many of them roaming freely outside the riverside after a game also
  13. Anybody4aBeer

    Tyson Fury - Fight to be Announced

    WBC are getting ***ed at him, so I’d expect a challenger to be announced soon. Apparently they’re looking at making Joshua the mandatory, as it should be the winner of Ruiz v Wilder, however the WBC are annoyed that these 2 won’t fight either, so going to number 3 on the list which is Joshua
  14. Anybody4aBeer

    What is the best thing you have won in a competition?

    Literally just won 2 tickets for Iron Maiden at the O2 on the 8th July. I never win anything, so a bit of a nightmare that I can't now make it :mad:
  15. Anybody4aBeer

    India v Aus 6 day test

    Its a 5 day test with a reserve day built in, and with the weather around Saturday and Sunday there is a good chance it will go to the 6th day. Although if all play is completed within the 5 days the additional isn't used Also in terms of the times, most games start at 10:30. It just seems to...
  16. Anybody4aBeer

    Goal of the Decade (3 years ago)

    My favourite is still Bamfords goal against Millwall. Incredible team goal!
  17. Anybody4aBeer

    The Saudi league are they targeting to drain the prem as well

    To be given a place in the Champions league they would surely need to fall under the jurisdiction of Uefa, and all the FFP stuff that comes with it, youd think they'll be happier just buying up half the teams here
  18. Anybody4aBeer

    Where are you going on holiday this summer?

    Having a week back in Stokesley in June, and hopefully a trip to Dusseldorf towards the end of the year for the football. I'm not one for lying on a beach.
  19. Anybody4aBeer

    GB News expands its roster of heavy hitting presenters.....

    I honestly thought that's what it said also!
  20. Anybody4aBeer

    Arctic monkeys

    Set list from the 1st gig in Bristol: Mardy Bum Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair Brianstorm Snap Out of It Crying Lightning Teddy Picker The View From the Afternoon Four Out of Five Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? Arabella (With Pretty Visitors instrumental interlude) My...