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    Name me the catchiest football player song/chant you’ve heard… 🎶

    In. A land . Not far from here Lives a man , called Peter Reid And when he sits down, for his tea All he saw .. were chimpanzees...
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    Leeds tickets taken off sale

    I've seen a Leeds fan , with his brother post his actual tickets ( seat , stand row ) on FB today . He'll have a TS postcode. Stealth brag about sneaking in. Luckily he's a harmless fanni
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    Crysencio Summerville - Leeds

    Summerville has real Madrid or Milan vibes .. Gray has Man City vibes .. I'd pick Gray to hang my hat on
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    The song that makes you get up and dance

    Absolutely dragging my ass up to shimmy
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    Maddo constantly criticising Engel

    The only way to actually see how good , or not , Engel is as a modern fullback , is to play someone in front of him who'll give him a hand It's a dogs job playing LB for Boro this season. It's a damn sight easier for Ayling to play behind Jones
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    Finn Azaz

    Apart from the goal midweek? ?
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    What now in remaining games.

    Change of formation would be ideal for this dilemma
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Hull [04/24] Match-Day Thread *

    We're also not physically big enough to lump up top and hold it up .. More options are required
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    Maybe those situations... Aren't always barlaser's fault

    If barlaser had passed it there to O'Brien... It'd of only been not Lewis's fault 🤣
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    Next season’s squad.

    2 mill and 15k a week.. He's ' safe enough ' to be third choice / howsons replacement. We absolutely need a 2nd choice CM as well to partner Hackney.. Preferably a big physical athlete who likes putting his foot in
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    Giles going to applaud the Boro fans afterwards

    Shyte scared of Jones I'd of thought..
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    What needs to happen over the summer then?

    1) LW / lwb with pace ... Basically a Jones / Adomah on the left .. that with Engel and Bangura would free up Jones and Forss attentions from the opposition 2) a CF that can hold the ball up .. ELL can't do that , and all teams that go up have that. Coburn can , but unfortunately injuries...
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    Giles going to applaud the Boro fans afterwards

    Class act
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    Maybe those situations... Aren't always barlaser's fault

    That's as inept as their keepers effort for the 1st
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    Most Attractive Female Vocalists

    Not a single mention of Pauline Black from The Selecter ?? Pfft .. Mildly disappointed to say the least
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    Stoke City Freeze Prices

    All the lower half of the Riverside is uncovered if the wind is above 7 mph
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    Stoke City Freeze Prices

    Nobody takes their under 17 kids to the theatre locally, regular.. It's a pointless comparison, that it illogical. Unless ' theatre going families ' are MFC target audience?
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Blackburn Rovers [03/24] Match-Day thread *

    Don't suppose anyone has a link / stream please .. Out of the area this weekend
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    This Lindsay Hoyle business

    Orrrrr maybe... As a conservative ... He didn't want her to ask Mr Sunak " Why don't you give the money back " ?? Who knows? 😶