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  1. Funky_Chicken

    Latte Lath tomorrow

    Huddersfield at 4-1 odds to win is tempting again, i very rarely bet on matches involving us but I’ve made over a hundred quid backing us to lose our last two games - I’ll see what our line up is first before i decide
  2. Funky_Chicken

    How long before a woman is manager of a football league team?

    Of course it’s funny 👍🏻
  3. Funky_Chicken

    How long before a woman is manager of a football league team?

    I think it’s unlikely - what if there’s a sale on at M&S on match day, or they haven’t got all the housework done before kickoff, and Sunday matches are no no as they’ll be making Sunday dinner - i can’t see it personally
  4. Funky_Chicken

    When was Teesside in its pomp?

    The town is fcuked, as is the rest of country to a lesser degree - same as most of Europe and America in fact. All part of the plan of course, they have to destroy everything first before they can sell you the solution - build back better and all that 🐂💩
  5. Funky_Chicken

    Digital Wallet - Reminder

    This is definitely going to catch a few out on Saturday if it doesn’t auto download for people - the stewards better have a panic room to go escape to by 2.55pm on Saturday 😵‍💫
  6. Funky_Chicken

    Digital Wallet - Reminder

    Sign into your MFC digital account click on menu, click on tickets, in the top right it will say hello and your name, click on it, on the page that opens it will say season ticket in the middle of that page with your name, under that in red it will say options, click on options and it will open...
  7. Funky_Chicken

    How do we spend this Chuba money then?

    The club clearly has no money - years of mismanagement and money wasted on big money signings with no resale value on big wages have crippled the club. Gestede Assombalonga Fletcher - those three alone cost the thick end of £30m plus the big wages they were on it’s no wonder we’re still feeling...
  8. Funky_Chicken

    Digital Wallet - Reminder

    My nephew downloaded his earlier in the week and it went into expired pass 😵‍💫 so he deleted it and he’s downloaded it again today and it’s showing as working ready for the reader now 🤷🏼 looks like there could be problems for people again - looks like half an hour less in the pub again unless...
  9. Funky_Chicken

    Its all b@[[ocks really

    Keep going Legz, don’t let any negativite thoughts dwell in your head - remember every negative thought you have is put in there by you, even if you don’t realise it. What Roofie said is good advice and try that yoga and some deep breathing exercises if you can - very good for calming the mind...
  10. Funky_Chicken

    Drone footage of the new Everton stadium

    Just looks like every other modern day monstrosity football ground/bowl - guess I’m just an old git who likes the grounds of the past that were more individual and had some character about them
  11. Funky_Chicken

    Our Season Starts against Huddersfield

    I think we’re just going to have the same problems again on Saturday because the defence is just not good enough in the full back positions. This will not be an easy game and Warnock will have his players fired up - don’t be surprised if it’s another defeat. The side is a pale shadow of last...
  12. Funky_Chicken

    Why do you support the Boro?

    Dunno - Punishment from god probably 😵‍💫
  13. Funky_Chicken

    The return of Neil Warnock 👍

    We should all turn up in dinosaur outfits as a final tribute to the great man 😵‍💫
  14. Funky_Chicken

    Boro under Carrick are a long term project

    Carrick must be given time, he’s a rookie manager and he’s going to make lots of mistakes but let’s not forget he got us within a smidgen of the premier league last season. Had Howson Fletcher and Forss not got injured at the tail end of the season we may well have gone up. Gibson sacked Karanka...
  15. Funky_Chicken

    Latte Lath done deal

    £5.6m (if that’s the fee) on a totally unproven striker who has averaged about one goal in four seems like the definition of madness to me. Hope I’m wrong but i would think Atalanta are currently doing cartwheels if they’ve managed to get that much for someone who’s hardly kicked a ball for the...
  16. Funky_Chicken

    Hard work being me

    Have you tried yoga Legz ? Helped me tremendously, with the added bonus of improving your physical well being as well the mental side of things. I mostly do kundalini yoga but any form is good really. There’s plenty of stuff to follow online if you don’t fancy doing it with others - hope you’re...
  17. Funky_Chicken

    Akpom move

    I don’t see it as good - as it stands we are miles away from the squad that finished last season in fourth position, and do you really think Carrick will get all of that money to strengthen the squad. Not a chance. We’ll be shopping in the bargain bucket aisle by the looks of it - hopefully we...
  18. Funky_Chicken

    Lens in for Chuba?

    Looks like Lens for £15m ish then - sad but Gibson will see it as money in the pub - sorry i meant bank 😁
  19. Funky_Chicken

    Doom and gloom

    Akpom going, digital ticket fiasco, angry fans threatening to sue the club - we haven’t even sold all our tickets for our first away trip of the season. Is there any good news 😵‍💫 it’s all black to me
  20. Funky_Chicken

    Andros Townsend ?

    This isn’t your finest hour Nobby 😬