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  1. sambaDTR

    Boro v Leeds.

    Boro 16/5 to win at home. Must be worth a pound to win £4.20? (y)
  2. sambaDTR

    World Snooker Championship.

    And he’s out! Sorry Nobby but I backed Gilbert at 9.7 down. Was 7/1. Good start for me!
  3. sambaDTR

    World Snooker Championship.

    Luca Brecel 9 Dave Gilbert 9! Could the World Champ go out in the first round?
  4. sambaDTR

    Anyone think houchen will get back in?

    I played against Keith Houchen at St Mary’s College in the 1970s. He was a year younger than me but about 6 inches taller. His older brother, Dennis, played for our football team.
  5. sambaDTR

    York City

    Boreham Wood relegated two years after reaching the FA Cup 5th round against Everton including beating Bournemouth in 4th round!
  6. sambaDTR

    Your best Ant and Dec Saturday night takeaway sketch.

    Ant and Dec Saturday Night Takeaway gone after twenty years. Watched the last few years (on catchup). Enjoyable program, some really funny moments (Holly Willoughby). Gave away a lot of money to good causes / charities but it was right to end it this year. The boys did well. 🙌
  7. sambaDTR

    World Snooker Championship.

    Backed Williams to win, Gary Wilson each way. Ronnie will probably win but, at 9/4, not worth backing.
  8. sambaDTR

    Inside the Force 24/7.

    What about the naked man with the sword? The Police go round the back of his house. He is coming out of the top window onto the roof. Police, “Do you always come out of the window”? Bloke, “Yes”. Police, “instead of the door”?! :)
  9. sambaDTR

    Inside the Force 24/7.

    Evidently the bloke will be sentenced on April 29th. Two counts of wounding with intent and three counts of inflicting GBH without intent. How do you stab somebody without intent FFS?
  10. sambaDTR

    Inside the Force 24/7.

    Inside the force 24/7 about Middlesbrough Police. Channel 5 Monday. Been watching it for a few weeks now but this weeks episode is eye opening. Three police officers stabbed!
  11. sambaDTR

    Jones - new 3 year contract

    This is his home now. Get away from Larnden. (y)
  12. sambaDTR

    Southampton fully back in the automatic promotion race.

    Should be with that squad. They would be top if they hadn’t lost 4 matches in a row in September!
  13. sambaDTR

    What needs to happen over the summer then?

    No way is Dieng, Hackney or VDB going in my opinion. If we keep the same squad and add just Chuba on loan and have half the injuries that we’ve had this year, then we will at least make the playoffs. (y)
  14. sambaDTR

    Mrs Vacuous Strikes Again

    Another unelected Prime Minister of the UK. Prime is a number that can be divided by itself or one. About right!
  15. sambaDTR

    Green waste collections

    All the neighbours had their green bins out today for taking away. They obviously didn’t read the email properly. Wait for a leaflet to come through your door! This weeks collections are shown here.
  16. sambaDTR


    Correct. (y)
  17. sambaDTR


    “Take away my first letter, and I still sound the same. Take away my last letter, I still sound the same. Even take away my letter in the middle, I will still sound the same. I am a five letter word. What am I?” Can you work it out without Googling?
  18. sambaDTR

    Championship team of the season

    No defensive midfielder? Sara and Dewsbury Hall wouldn’t get the ball off Howson and Hackney. Keep Rutter, we have LL.
  19. sambaDTR

    What needs to happen over the summer then?

    My guess. NEW CONTRACTS Carrick. Howson, Van Den Berg, Hackney, Smith, Ayling, Clarke, Jones, O’Brien. GOING Glover, Dijksteel, McNair, Thomas, (Engel or Bangura). COMING New left back, defensive midfielder, Chuba, left winger (if McGree goes) striker (if Forss goes).
  20. sambaDTR

    Van den Berg interview

    “I understood that they want to make the necessary investments next season,” Sounds good. (y)