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    Sunak threatens to take away rights of doctors to write sick notes

    I have much experience with the 'outsourced' people who apparrently are going to take over the writing of sick notes from my long dispiriting reviews after a serious brain injury years ago. They are generally people who are in a position that they seem to have no clue about. The reviews I...
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    FA Cup replays scrapped.

    I thought that this option was no longer available - and rightly so in my book
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    Worst penalty ever?

    Or was it perfectly placed to take account of the circular hole the keeper had between his arm and his body. Don't forget he had been given penalty duties over Rav that day because he had intimate knowledge of their goalkeeper having played with him earlier in his career - so you never know...
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    Worst penalty ever?

    See also Luton away first game of a season.
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    Athletics Oldest World Record Has Gone

    Flo Jo paid a high price for this though. I remember a meeting at Gateshead, late 80s and Flo Jo and Ed Moses were there. After the event loads of kids (me included) were waiting for a chance of autograph. Flo Jo got into a car behind locked gates and was sped through the crowd, where as Moses...
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    Who's your money on for the Grand National?

    Put off this as it has only been running in hurdles races, doesn't seem the best preparation. I know it won a couple of years ago but it will be in for a shock when it gets to the chair after all those hurdles it can just charge through :eek:
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    Ifollow gone from next season

    I have always assumed that the red button commentators are watching it in a studio somewhere, hence why they miss subs and how much injury time to be played. Or is that just me getting it wrong?
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    Marten de Roon

    You must have missed Bournemouth away. Never forgive him for that display.
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    Ajay Matthews - Fabrizio Romano

    4 if you count Kavanagh who got lots of attention and was then sold to Bradford. Hype is one thing, but reality often is very different see also Bradley Fewster and I am sure a few others.
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    New Liverpool manager agreed

    Liverpool did OK in the 70s, early 80s with changes in manager. Went through at least 4 and kept winning things. Shankley and paisley there a while
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    So, Ryan Giles.....

    That would be my tactic against any team playing with advanced full backs as there is always space in behind. Giles was particularly bad as he seemed to be shorter after he jumped for a header than he was if he just stood still ad let it hit him.
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    Rebecca's Back

    I always think the opposition are more likely to score from our corners:ROFLMAO: Glad we managed to score from one of Sheff Wed's in the last game
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    EFL Announcement

    Fully agree, but all seater stadia never killed atmosphere because people ignored the rules to a large extent - especially away fans. Stadia still safer as you dont get localized overcrowding anymore but my shins got a lot more grief off the backs of seats back in my younger days though
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    EFL Announcement

    The only reason all seater stadia hasn't killed the atmosphere is becauise large sections of the crowd ignore the seats. I'm not advocating a return to the terraces but if all seater policy was enacted fully then I think the atmosphere would be reduced
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    Well Done Owls’ Fans

    Must have been a he'll of an effort to hit the post from his own half:D
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    One thing that really annoyed me about Valdes was his song - he's won more than you. The irony of that being sung by Boro fans with some people not getting the reflective mickey taking was a bit worrying.
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    A durham yorks league double

    45-4 Mickey Edwards and Milnes have 2 wickets each.Lees, Jones, Borthwick and Robinson gone. Edit Make that 5 down, a terrible shot from Clark off a ball from Teessider Leach
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    A durham yorks league double

    Lets hope that they can both get off to a good start later this week. They are playing each other in friendly 2 day game at Headingley with Durham currently 39-2 Impressed that Brook has made himself available for this to get his eye back in after sadly missing India due to death of hhis Granny
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    it's not all over

    The one advantage of getting old is you realise if a situation offers a glimmer of hope then experience means I know the Boro will @#** it up so no getting hopes up. Yes it means I am permanently mildly upset but no massive disappointments for me:)
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    Latte Lath into double figures

    Bit spooky we were both basically typing the same thing at the same time